Film Techniques

We have just started our new unit and the last, “Film Study” in English class. Our unit question is “How can we  read image like a text?”. In this unit we will learn the techniques of taking photos. During class, we first discussed the different techniques of taking pictures. Then, Emily and I partnered up and went outside to the roof and took pictures using techniques like:

  • High Angle Shot/Low Angle Shot
  • Close-up
  • Wide shot
  • Long shot/Medium shot
  • Establishing shot 

The first photo is a “High Angle Shot” of Emily. High angle shot helps us see the photo from a “Worms eye view”. A film director would use this shot to make the person tall and big, so they’ll look strong. The second photo is a “Low Angle Shot”of Me. Low Angle shot helps us see the photo from a “Birds eye view”. A film director would use this to show the person small.

What I learned from the rooftop filming task was that if you wanted to show the view you could use the technique Low angle shot (birds eye view). And if you wanted to show someones face clearly you should use “Close-up shot”. I also learned that film technic is important because it has to make the viewer understand more.

– High angle shot of Emily-

-Low angle shot of Me-


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