Values Oral Presentation


What is the purpose of today’s oral presentations?

What I think the first reason of the oral presentation was to prepare us for future presentations, especially in front of people we don’t know. I think this is important because when you graduate middle school and go to high school you have more responsibility and have more presentations. I think middle school is the time to learn and take challenges.
The second reason was learning more about your values. What I mean is that before we know our values and where they come from, we need to know more about it and how it helps us. During the past few weeks, I have learned a lot about my values and  actually use them.

How well did I communicate? 

I have communicate well by explaining my values by projecting my voice(Loud, Clear) and also being confident sharing my values. Although I would like to improve more on having eye-contact with the audiences because I should have remembered most of my Q-card.


Pythagorean Theorem

During class I made a geogebra to explore the Pythagorean Theorem of a right-angled triangle. As you can see, I constructed three different regular polygons. Now what I think about Pythagorean Theorem after doing this is that it’s not that hard and if you know the steps on how to work out the answer its easy for you. The area of the two squared add up to the biggest square. And this method works even if you change the shape.

Marine Tower

During Math class we went on a field trip to Marine Tower to investigate how much km there was on each place. For example how far is YIS to Marine Tower? There were different pictures with places in Marine Tower, and it showed us how far km it was. Here are the results:


1. Mount Fuji: 84 kilometers

2. Motomachi Arch: 90 meters

3. Tokyo Skytree: 32 kilometers

4. Tokyo Tower: 25 kilometers

5. Yokohama Stadium: 900 meters

6. Kaze-no Tower: 17.5 kilometers

7. Foreign Cemetery: 500 meters

8. Yokohama Bay Bridge: 2.4 kilometers

9. Honmoku Wharf: 3 kilometers

10. Minato-no-mieru oka park: 500 meters

11. Minami Honmoku wharf: 5 kilometers

12. Sea Paradise: 12 kilometers

13. Negishi shinrin park: 2.5 kilometers

Mime Reflection

7C Drama: Group Mime (2013) from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

During class, we worked in small groups to create mime. Our mime was a passenger airplane which was called “Up in the Air”. Our first try was unrealistic because we weren’t focusing on the mime.

How successful was my staging of the mime  scene? How did I use the space?  How did I interact with other characters? How was the mime believable? Not believable? Explain.

The first time we performed we weren’t really concentrating and we were laughing a lot. But after the second try we focused and we didn’t really laugh. For the use of space I was sitting the whole time so I don’t think I used much.

I think I interacted with most of the characters very well but I had a problem with one person only.  The first try of the mime wasn’t believable because we were laughing and weren’t focusing but for the second try we concentrated more and I think our mime was a little believable because we had facial expression, and out movement were clear.


Silent Movie Analysis


Action/Gestures: The girl is rubbing her foot in a circle on the ground- That means she’s nervous and inpatient.

Facial Expression: She looks like she’s blushing and also smiling- Waiting for an answer

Posture: She’s standing straight and her face/head is looking down- Waiting for someone

Background Story: The girl gave a love letter to the guy and she’s waiting for his answer

What actions, gestures or facial expressions could you use in your mime and why?

I would use it but we’re not going to use nervous or inpatient for our mime. If I was then I would use the blushing or smiling.

Heres is a document about silent miming that we did in Class:

What happens when one country controls another?

This is a photo that was took during the british colonisation to Hong Kong. As you can see, a lot of countries are shipping at Hong Kong.

What happens when one country controls another?

The coloniser would take over most of the land. The colonised would have to accept it but they can still protest about it but nothing would really change because the coloniser is more powerful than the colonised. Two countries would cooperate and interact with each other more since they live together and they would experience new culture such as religion, food, music, and more. 

The negatives and positives effects: 

Positive: The good effects for the coloniser is that they can more supplies and get to control more of the country than the colonised. Although the colonised can learn new culture from the coloniser so that would be a good experience.

Negative:  The bad effects for the coloniser is that they have to be responsible for the country because they’re in charge. The colonised country can be treated unfairly.

I think colonisation isn’t good for the colonised because their land gets taken from the coloniser and they get a lot of control.