What is the relationship between your novel to the real world?

I have just read “The Invisible” by Mats Wahl and this post will explore the connections between this book and the real world.



The Review of the Book:

The book is written in Swedish and Translated in English. This book is about an ordinary high school student Hilmer Eriksson one day finding out that he is invisible. No one could see him or hear him. But one day a detective, Harold Fors investigates his disappearance by interviewing people who knew Hilmer. And as he collects the all information, he finds out something surprising that has happened to Hilmer.

So how does this book connect to the real world?

This book relates to all kinds of things in life. An example is teenagers making bad choices and decisions in life which leads to Juvenile Crimes(Young people killing other young people) and violence, such as murder. They are all connected to one topic. This book mostly talks about murders and crimes. This connects to the real world because murder happens everywhere around the world and between young people such as teenagers, adults, anyone. An example from the book is that Hilmer gets kicked in the face twenty times and buried in a leaf pile.

An example from the book is that there is a girl name Anneli and her parents are alcoholics. And one day, Anneli gets dumped by her boyfriend and she gets drunk. While Henrik was riding is bike, Anneli and her friends pushed him to the ground and she kicked his face twenty times. By reading the example, alcoholic parents can cause bad impacts on children. Being alcoholic can also affect your health by causing Anaemia, Cancer, Depression, High blood pressure and etc.