Grade 8 and Buddhism

A weak ago, we missed some of our classes. Instead, we visited the Gr. 8 Humanities/ICJC Shakkyo at the school auditorium. A parent of a former graduated student of YIS who was a buddhist priest came to tell us about the religion, Buddhism. Our current unit in humanity is world religions. Our first task we did was to research our chosen religious topic. During the day, I learned that some of the religious rules in buddhism were similar to my religion, christianity.  We also learned how he became a buddhist priest. It was because he was also a former student of YIS, and his father was also a priest and he wanted to be like his father.

Sutra Copying

Image by: ndbekah 

I enjoyed that instead of just learning what buddhism is, to actually experiencing it. Also, I don’t normally do Japanese calligraphy so it was something I found quite entertaining but difficult at the same time. I though the sutra copying was difficult because we were forced to do it even though I didn’t know what it said, only that it was Chinese.

Meditation is one of the important things we could do. In buddhism, meditation is the only way to take away all the worries, stress, fears, and other confusions we face. It is also to calm and refresh our mind. After I’ve done meditating, I felt extremely fresh. Sutra copying is one of the holy writings of buddhism.

Japan is impacted in Buddhism in many ways. Such as, the Japanese calendar is based on Buddhism. Which means, many holidays of Japan are based from buddhism. And there are many buddhist temples in Japan where both Japanese and foreigners visit. There are also buddha statues in severe areas of Japan. One of the buddhist statue that I know is the one in Kamakura, Japan.

Buddha Statue In Kamakura, Japan

Image by: Julien LOZELLI

First Science Assignment Reflection

What did you do? (Brief description):

Our task was to research about metals that we’ve never heard of before.  After we gathered all the information, we used them to convince people wether to buy it or not.

What did you learn?

I learned lots about the metal I was researching, which was Vanadium. I also learned that even though I never knew about this metal, I was surrounded by it.

What can you improve?

I could have been more detailed and gave more elements when I was explaining what Vanadium was. But overall, I thought it was a great opportunity for me to learn something new, and sharing that to other people

My strength and weeknesses

The three top intelligence I got were:




My response:
I mostly agree with my result, although one thing I found unusual was, I thought spatial intelligence would be the strongest of me because ever since I was little, people would compliment my art skills. Also, my mom told me that when I was in her stomach, she sang to me. My dad plays the drums and the guitar so I was surrounded by music everyday of my life, and eventually I also started playing some instruments, such as the piano and a bit of guitar.  My weakest intelligence was logic/math with the score 2.43. Even though I am not the best at this, my goal this year is to study hard and math is  included. Overall, it was great to know my strength and weaknesses and learn from it.



What does stereotype mean?

An idea of what people think a particular person, group, or culture is like.

When are stereotypes useful?

Stereotypes can be useful when you’re writing a book because it is easier to make a character. It is also useful in acting or improvising because you’ll know quickly of what to do.

Can you judge a book by it’s cover?

We all have judged people by their looks sometime in our lives. But you shouldn’t, because what you think about the person is not always true!