5 thoughts on “Banana Article Poster

  1. The layout of this poster is very nice, and it is easy to understand. You used good scientific vocabulary. I think you explained very well how the science affects the world/creates problems.

  2. I think you did a pretty good job constructing the poster. It was neat and not messy except for this tiny thing that isn’t very important I will mention later. It was interesting because for one thing, you made the text boxes yellow which of course matches the theme and makes me want to look at the poster more. Also, the title was informative about what you were to talk about. (Which was how banana scraps were useful) Lastly, you did not make it boring. By this I mean you gave all the important facts and nothing really in-mandatory. The small error was that when you gave your definition for contaminates, the first word, (makes) was split and was continued on into the next line. Just felt like including that.

  3. Eileen I like your poster a lot. I think that it is layout well and shows lots of information. I think you can add more about how it can change the world but overall I think you did good 😀

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