Speeches and Public Speaking

We’ve just finished our drama unit on speeches, pronunciation, and any kind of elements related to public speaking. As a group, we were assigned to create an infomercial we wanted to advertise using as much ‘purr’ words that we can think of. ‘Purr’ words are words that sound pleasing and give good impressions. One of the examples from our script was ‘fresh’,  ‘organic’, and ‘natural’.

When reflecting back, I think I did neither great or horrible. Though, there were just a few personal barriers that kept me a few step away from becoming a more effective public speaker. Whenever I have to speak whether in front of someone, group of people, or a camera, I become very nervous and tend to lose everything I planned already. This leaves me hesitating and not make any sense whatsoever when I speak. So this often brings a negative outcome. My personal barriers, like a giant brick wall, was a very difficult situation for me during the process of filming the infomercial because things were going in little progress. Also, I was afraid that my group mates would becoming irritated at me because I had a lot of takes.

Even though my own personal barriers kept me from becoming a better public speaker, I can break them down. The first thing that I intend to do is be prepared. Being prepared isn’t as hard as it seems. I should practice more so that I can be more confident in my own part of the infomercial. Since I got the demonstration part of the infomercial, this step will take me one step to breaking my own personal barriers. Also, what I could do is to become more comfortable with my surroundings. This will help me to loosen up more and make less mistakes. How I intend to make this happen is to talk to people who I don’t normally talk with or to challenge myself, I could talk to older kids at school.

I think my personal barriers would be mental barriers. The reason why is because the negative thoughts in my head restrains me to open up to people and shut myself up. This means that these mental barriers affect my body language and leave a negative impression. Looking back at the first paragraph, these mental barriers also affect speaking, which are a bit of both mental and physical barriers. Since your mind can’t think straight, your words don’t come in a way you intend it to be.

The Biggest Project

Brief summary of what I’ve achieved:

We’ve just finished our I&S unit on globalisation focusing on Yokohama. For most of the unit, we’ve worked on the biggest project that I have came across so far in my life. The project was all about globalisation within Yokohama and there were four parts to it. I would really like to thank Ms. Madrid  for reminding us to finish each part of the project done by a particular date because I was more organised and was able to hand in all parts of the project at once; it was extremely helpful.

What did you learn about globalisation? 

What I learned about globalisation is like a seed at first; starts off small, unnoticeable and gradually spreads throughout. With water and sun which in this case the water represents people and the sun represents the import goods. However, if the plant is always getting sunlight, it will dry, like how globalisation will lose it’s countries original culture. Though, if the plant was provided with too much water it will drown, like how a country will increase it’s population. Therefore, everything must be equal and you can’t have one thing more than another.

What did you learn about doing BIG projects?

When you come across BIG projects, you really need to be able to manage your time wisely. I learned to make a deadline for each part of the project so in the end when the whole project is due, I am not rushing and making things done one-minute. I also learned to avoid staying up all night as much as possible just to finish up something. This is because when I am tired, my brain can’t process and come up with ideas as much compared to when I am working on this project during class time at school. In result, I’d be missing something important in my writing or didn’t get the ideal score that I desired.

What are you proud of?

The part that I am most proud of the project is criteria b; investigating. This is because I had the opportunity to interview my dad, which he’s been living in Yokohama for all his life. This was extremely helpful because I got to apply that information into the annotations. Also, I am proud of the fact that I am a bilingual person. This is because a lot of sources were written in Japanese, which meant that I didn’t have to use google translation a lot, and understand it quickly.

Making soundtracks

Our current in music class is creating a soundtrack for a movie genre of our choice. Before creating the actual soundtrack, we made an outline of the ten different scenes that had to go with ten different short soundtrack by using our motif, and changing the style of it as the movie goes. The document which Moe and I have been planning on is called the “Soundtrack Cue Sheet” which you can view it right here . If you want to see in depth of why I made different decisions, you can view my process journal here.

At the same time, we were asked to be in two to three groups and arrange the famous Hedwigs Theme from Harry Potter. My group had four people because the other group were having troubles and so we both wanted to help, and became one group. If you would also like to know my progress and decision making with reasons to them, you can check them on the same process journal on the second link on top.

This is the final piece for our project.

The sources for the images used are linked here