Making soundtracks

Our current in music class is creating a soundtrack for a movie genre of our choice. Before creating the actual soundtrack, we made an outline of the ten different scenes that had to go with ten different short soundtrack by using our motif, and changing the style of it as the movie goes. The document which Moe and I have been planning on is called the “Soundtrack Cue Sheet” which you can view it right here . If you want to see in depth of why I made different decisions, you can view my process journal here.

At the same time, we were asked to be in two to three groups and arrange the famous Hedwigs Theme from Harry Potter. My group had four people because the other group were having troubles and so we both wanted to help, and became one group. If you would also like to know my progress and decision making with reasons to them, you can check them on the same process journal on the second link on top.

This is the final piece for our project.

The sources for the images used are linkedĀ hereĀ 

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  1. Excellent! Very stimulating. You nailed it. What more can I say. I particularly liked the music in scene 7 although all of them had merit. Well done. Maybe you can make soundtracks a career some day.

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