Q&A Nurse Angelica- “I only wanted what was best for her”

This week’s trending topic: The spreading gossips on Romeo and Juliet still make many of us wonder today on what really happened to Verona’s hottest couple? We finally got Nurse Angelica;  to reveal Verona’s buried secrets and fill us up with the truth under the tragic incident.

Nurse Angelica Capulet finally reveals the truth behind Verona’s tragic incident

Thank you so much for coming here with us today. We’re very sorry for your loss and greatly appreciate that you have finally opened up to us. But first, what is it like working for one of the richest families in Verona?

“Very busy. I can barely have the time to sit down and have a little chit-chat. In times like this, it’s hard to find free time.”

What did you really think about the feud between the Montagues and Capulets? 

“[Rolls eyes] Aiya! Always fighting and fighting and never fixing the problem. So much hate and anger! I’ve always hoped that it would end someday…but you can’t expect everything to go your own way…”

Tybalt seemed to be getting himself involved in those fights a lot, but tell me more of what he was actually like behind his hatred for the Montagues?

“Aaah yes, Tybalt. Good to hear his name after a while, eh? He was always a true gentleman and an honourable member of the family. Even a good friend of mine. But there was always something that kept him angry all the time…and angry men are hard to like. I’m not exactly sure what but he didn’t seem very fond being the tough one in the family.”

What exactly do you mean by that?

“He told me once that he felt that he was only responsible for protecting the family. Tybalt was under pressure in everything he did because somehow, the way he was built and his skilled sword fighting made him look ‘strong’. He hated the idea of “failure” and was always too strict on himself.”

Moving on, on a rather different topic just to make things more interesting, rumours are spreading that you were the secret “messenger” between Romeo and Juliet. Is that true? 

“Yes. That is in fact very true. It was my only way to help those poor, lost children. I cannot imagine how difficult it must have been to have no one around to be supportive of their relationship. As the only nanny for Juliet, it was my job to make Juliet the happiest young woman so I had no choice but help.”

What was your initial opinion on Romeo and Juliet’s love for one another? 

“Young people in love…you can’t take it seriously these days. Boys play with their toys all the time and the next thing you know, he becomes bored after a while and moves on to his other toys. Young people are always distracting themselves for something fun and better in their confined lives. Poor Julietta, my beautiful little girl…her distraction was her only enemy. ”

Did your opinion change over time?

“I realized later on that Juliet and Romeo were really in love. [sigh] It wasn’t just two young people fooling around. But I was too late to realise that…[glances at the ground]”

Why did you change your mind about Juliet marrying Paris?

“[Sighs deeply] Well I only wanted what was best for her… she was all miserable and hopeless; I couldn’t bear to watch her like that so I had to let her marry Paris [long pause] Even so, Mr.Capulet was going to let her rot in the streets! I could never let that happen to my Julietta! After all, Paris did truly love her and gave much help to the company. He is a true gentleman.”

If you could go back and change one thing, what would you have done?

“[Looks away with teary eyes] I should’ve never told Juliet to marry Paris. I never wanted my Julietta to be hurt more than any other thing. I know I was being selfish and taking sides but I wish I’d never done that.[Covers face with hands and sobs] It was all my fault.”