HOPE for the children in Cambodia

Despite the economic growth and improvement of Cambodia during the past few decades, many still live in poverty, receiving only $0.45/day. In the present day where education is valued and believed to strive future success, they are not yet available for everyone. Families in Cambodia still struggle to provide education for their children. With HOPE’s partnership with YIS, our goal is to provide educational opportunities for these children for a brighter and sustainable future.

As part of the HOPE group, a student-based project made in 2007, the YIS HOPE group has supported 10 schools in Pursat, Cambodia where constructions have been done in different villages. In most cases, students perform additional constructions for existing elementary buildings. As the school construction project has been going around for nearly nine years, the relationship between the YIS committee and HOPE has impacted over 1,700 children. The requirements of this project are that each year, a core group of 11th graders engages in fundraising and school-wide awareness-raising activities to help fund the construction of a school.

What you can do to help us continue this project and support the children receive the education they need is donate here to makes this happen!

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