Hello Everyone! My names Eileen. This page is….ABOUT ME! If you are on this page, you are awesome 😀 

So first of all, My favorite color is Black/Pink, most of the dark colors. My favorite website is my blog because it has lots of information and it also has some interesting pictures 🙂 Also, I like google because there are also many information/pictures etc.

What Music Instrument I play: The Piano/Acoustic Guitar! I started Piano when I was 5 years old, and I Just started Acoustic guitar. Guitar chords are challenging for me, but its really fun! Piano is actually one of my passion, and It is also my hobby. I like free style piano, which I research some hit songs on youtube. For example, Firework/E.T by Katy Perry, Just Tonight by The Pretty Reckless, and more! I also play some hit songs on guitar like Jason Mraz-im yours, Paramore-Only Exception, and some more…
Piano Guild F212XL

Picture by emilianohorcada                                                  Picture by PhotoAtelier (Glen) 

Different Sports I do: I was in the Middle School Girls Volleyball Team. All 6th graders had to be in C team.We had games with different International Schools, and the last game in our school. It was a lot of fun, and challenging! One of my favorite sports is Surfing. I go surfing with my sister and my dad at Shichirigahama Beach. I only surfed in Hawaii one day, so I miss Hawaii ALOT. I also just started surfing. I like that moment when you stand on the board…Its just so awesome. Also, I like to play soccer because it is fun and also, its a good fitness game.

AIS Volleyball


This is Nadeshiko Japan(girl soccer)                                                       A picture by @dino                                              

My Hobbies!: 

1) Piano

2) Sports: Volleyball, Surfing, walking…xD

3) Graffiti/Drawing

Music Genre: I like to listen to Rock ‘n’ roll, Heavy Metal, Alternative, and Rap. It actually depends on my mood. I like to listen to Memphis May fire, The Pretty Reckless, and more.



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