Singing in the Rain Answers

In Drama class, we are learning about the Elements of Movement. During class, we had to watch a video of Gene Kelly’s Singing in the Rain video and make a blog post about it.
The Props he used in this video was the umbrella which he used as a partner when he danced, for swinging, and a normal umbrella. The rhythm of the music matched while he was skipping and walking. The expression on his face made me think that he was very happy after he kissed the girl because he was smiling and didn’t care if he was getting wet because of the rain. What I like about the video is that Gene Kelly used space by tap dancing, skipping, and walking with the rhythm of the music because I thought it was interesting.
The movement he used in the video was:

    • Walking
    • Stoping 
    • Jumping


The Best Speech

The Best Speech: Important person in your Life

I chose my big sister because she helped me a lot and cheered me up when I was sad and disappointed. I think my voice was clear enough. I also think I was better than last time too. I was so nervous so I couldn’t talk about my big sister and forgot the lines. I like this speech better because I was calmer than the first speech even though I was the first one. Next time, I would like to take a deep breath and relax! I really want to be confident too.

6C Drama: Given Topic Speeches from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

Other Students Vimeo

This girl is called Amira and she did a speech about her best friend. She was very organized and  spoke in a clear/loud voice. She looked very calm and relaxed. I thought that I wanted to be like her…

6C Drama: Given Topic Speeches from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

Drama one minute speech

In Drama class we had to make a speech of our passions and what we like to do.  I was very nervous because we had to remember the notes. But if I was passionate about it, I wouldn’t be nervous. I would talk and talk the whole time. There was a time limit which was one minute. I was too nervous that I forgot my notes and had to end  the speech. I think I hurried a little when I forgot my notes. I also had to speak louder and clearly, and not be nervous. Next time, I want to be more organized and prepared for my second speech which is about a important person.

6C Drama: 1 Min Speeches from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

Reflection in Drama

We played 4 improv games in Drama Class: Space Jump, Die! Story! Die!, Statues, Expert Double Figure. My favorite one was Space Jump because I think I did a good job in Space Jump because I got in the position and I accepted it. Then I acted out another scene. Next time, I would like to improve by observing/Listening Skills, and Acting skills. So I would like to improve Offer and Accept Skills when we do this activity some time. On a rate to 10, I would mark myself as 6~7 because I did a good job but I could improve better next time. For example, listen to others, and observe carefully(pay attention) to other players.


6C Drama: Improv Tournament from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

Improvised Storytelling


Skills- What skills in storytelling did I learn?

I  learned how to cooperate with others and really think about how you could act something out. For example, when you act you need to really be the character otherwise the audience will be bored.

Approach- How did I use these skills in Cooperative Storytelling?

Listen carefully to other people/Pay attention so you won’t say the same thing that someone already said, and tried to understand what they were talking about.

Connections:- How could I use these skills in performance?
Storytelling is very important in performances. I could use “Offer and Accept” when I work in groups, and have expression when you are acting or storytelling.


6C Drama: Cooperative Storytelling from YIS Arts on Vimeo.