Tigress Witch-Taiwanese Folktale

A story I have chose from my home country is “A Tigress Witch“. You would call this type of story a “Myth”. The story is quite long, so I have put them in main points:


  • Mother goes on a trip to the city and leaves her daughters(Akim(older), AGiok(younger))
  • Someone knocks on the door and ask to let them in
  • The sisters let the tigress witch in and it was an old lady
  • The tigress witch lies and says that she was their great-aunt. The younger one believes, but the older one was  suspicious


  • Akim hears noise, and realise that their “great-aunt” was actually the tigress witch, and was eating AGiok’s fingers
  • Akim runs and climbs up the tree and the tigress witch tries to chew the trunk.
  • Akim asks the tigress witch to bring a boiling bucket with peanut oil.
  • Akim pours the bucket on the tigress witch and she dies

Theme or Message of the story:
If you read the actual story, you would notice that it is sort of similar to “Three Little Pigs” just without the part where the house gets blown. The moral of the story is to NEVER open the door for strangers because you don’t know what they might do to you, just like the tigress witch!

Why is it a good story?
This is a good story because it teaches children what they shouldn’t do.

DIY Program Reflection

In drama we showed our DIY project that we were working on to the whole class. My group and I chose “Design your own shoes” which our focus target audience were for teenagers, but mostly girls. During the program, I spoke casually and sometimes informal so that I can relate with my target audience. I think I could have related more to my target audience by having a better more effort whenever I speak. I also think that my group were organised because we had all the equipments we needed for our tutorial and we all each took turns on explaining the steps. What I could be better is knowing what to say for my script so that the audience can understands more.
And lastly, in our DIY program; we had to include easy and understandable steps and use time words such as firstly, secondly, etc. I think I usually used both of them during the tutorial and spoke clear enough for the audience. What I could improve on, is putting a little more effort as I mentioned earlier, because I think the audience would be entertained more. My best skill was being organised because I had all the equipment and materials needed for the tutorial and I didn’t have trouble in finding them because they were already placed on the table. What I could improve on next time is to understand my target audience because I didn’t put in expression as much as my other group members. 


7C Drama: DIY Programs3 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

Another group which I thought was captivating was George and Jean-Baptiste’s which they showed how to do the “Boneless finger-flip”. Their target audience were teenagers, especially guys. During the program, they used jargon and spoke in a way they were related to their target audience, which made it entertaining. They also used time order words so that the instructions were understandable. And because their target audience were teenagers, they spoke really fast. The equipments they used was a skateboard and a helmet, but they forgot to show that in the tutorial so they could be organised next time. I think the best skill for George and Jean-Baptiste is relating their target audience because as I mentioned earlier, they used jargon. One thing they could improve on is to be more organised because they forgot to include the helmet in the video. But overall, I think they did a great job!

7C Drama: DIY Programs0 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

Informative Speech Reflection

Last drama class we presented our informative speech to the class. The topic that I chose for my speech was Halloween and the purpose of it was to inform the audience what halloween is, the history, and how it was celebrated back then, and now. My best skill was volume because even though I wasn’t confident, I spoke loud so that the audience could hear my speech. Except I kept on stumbling over some of the speech so that could be improved on next time. Another thing I should improve on is gestures because it would have been better if I looked at the audience more than looking at my palm cards.

7C Drama: Informative Speeches from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

Another speech which was captivating was Sara’s which she talked about blue jeans. I chose her speech because she had good pace when she was talking and her voice was loud enough so that I could hear her speech. Except something she could improve on is gestures because she kept on looking at her palm cards but not the audience. Overall, I think her speech was great!

7C Drama: Informative Speeches from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

Mime Reflection

7C Drama: Group Mime (2013) from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

During class, we worked in small groups to create mime. Our mime was a passenger airplane which was called “Up in the Air”. Our first try was unrealistic because we weren’t focusing on the mime.

How successful was my staging of the mime  scene? How did I use the space?  How did I interact with other characters? How was the mime believable? Not believable? Explain.

The first time we performed we weren’t really concentrating and we were laughing a lot. But after the second try we focused and we didn’t really laugh. For the use of space I was sitting the whole time so I don’t think I used much.

I think I interacted with most of the characters very well but I had a problem with one person only.  The first try of the mime wasn’t believable because we were laughing and weren’t focusing but for the second try we concentrated more and I think our mime was a little believable because we had facial expression, and out movement were clear.


Silent Movie Analysis


Action/Gestures: The girl is rubbing her foot in a circle on the ground- That means she’s nervous and inpatient.

Facial Expression: She looks like she’s blushing and also smiling- Waiting for an answer

Posture: She’s standing straight and her face/head is looking down- Waiting for someone

Background Story: The girl gave a love letter to the guy and she’s waiting for his answer

What actions, gestures or facial expressions could you use in your mime and why?

I would use it but we’re not going to use nervous or inpatient for our mime. If I was then I would use the blushing or smiling.

Heres is a document about silent miming that we did in Class: