Speeches and Public Speaking

We’ve just finished our drama unit on speeches, pronunciation, and any kind of elements related to public speaking. As a group, we were assigned to create an infomercial we wanted to advertise using as much ‘purr’ words that we can think of. ‘Purr’ words are words that sound pleasing and give good impressions. One of the examples from our script was ‘fresh’,  ‘organic’, and ‘natural’.

When reflecting back, I think I did neither great or horrible. Though, there were just a few personal barriers that kept me a few step away from becoming a more effective public speaker. Whenever I have to speak whether in front of someone, group of people, or a camera, I become very nervous and tend to lose everything I planned already. This leaves me hesitating and not make any sense whatsoever when I speak. So this often brings a negative outcome. My personal barriers, like a giant brick wall, was a very difficult situation for me during the process of filming the infomercial because things were going in little progress. Also, I was afraid that my group mates would becoming irritated at me because I had a lot of takes.

Even though my own personal barriers kept me from becoming a better public speaker, I can break them down. The first thing that I intend to do is be prepared. Being prepared isn’t as hard as it seems. I should practice more so that I can be more confident in my own part of the infomercial. Since I got the demonstration part of the infomercial, this step will take me one step to breaking my own personal barriers. Also, what I could do is to become more comfortable with my surroundings. This will help me to loosen up more and make less mistakes. How I intend to make this happen is to talk to people who I don’t normally talk with or to challenge myself, I could talk to older kids at school.

I think my personal barriers would be mental barriers. The reason why is because the negative thoughts in my head restrains me to open up to people and shut myself up. This means that these mental barriers affect my body language and leave a negative impression. Looking back at the first paragraph, these mental barriers also affect speaking, which are a bit of both mental and physical barriers. Since your mind can’t think straight, your words don’t come in a way you intend it to be.

Why is it important to go to school? Drama Speech

Speeches aren’t normally what people are interested in. Usually, we get anxious and forget what was planned because all of a sudden, everything planned seems to disappear from the mind, leaving it complete blank. However, during the speech, I wasn’t as nervous as I was compared to the first practice of the one minute speech because I got to have a better understanding of what I was supposed to do and obtained ideas from listening to speeches from classmates. Also the fact that we’ve done varied speeches throughout the years, i’ve got used to it and it’s become very common. For me, I thought that I organised especially well on structuring my speech because it was easy to follow: from the hook to the conclusion. Following to that, I also thought that I gave appropriate and agreeable reasoning to support my statement. I was effective at staying on topic and restating it and giving valid examples. Though, a few things I could improve on is communicating the speech. If I done this, I could change the audiences point of view about my topic, but because I stumbled and constantly checked my q-cards, I wasn’t able to deliver the message successfully.

The first thing that I could use a persuasive speech for, is when I’m trying to convince my parents into something I want. In result,  I will be able to gain trust and attain the thing that what I want. Another reasoning that a persuasive speech could help is school. As we’ll gradually present more speeches throughout the years. This leads to the second idea of how a speech could help me in the future. If I were to find a job, it is essential for me to be able to convince people into hiring me. As I do this process, I will need to be able to come up with valuable reasons to support my claim.

To prepare a speech, you’ll need to be able to know the purpose of it. You’ll need to be questioning yourself “Why should I be doing this?”, “What is it that I want to inform the audience?”; these questions will help you get your ideas straight to the point. You’ll also need to think about the appropriate audience to your speech. Connecting to that, structuring your speech is significant because if you have a well organised structure of your speech(Hook, Reason one, two, three, and a conclusion); the audiences are capable of following it. It is important that you put things in order so that it is easier for YOU and the audience.  

Clip #12 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

Elevator Scene

Last friday in drama, we showed our elevator scene to the class. We each had to develop our own character and pair up with other people to create a scene where we get trapped in an elevator. I thought that we could do better because it wasn’t very realistic. If I were really stuck in an elevator with strangers, what would I really do? Another question is what will my character do? I think our group needs to make our characters work together.

Elevator #5 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

After presenting and discussing our first elevator scene, we have decided to make another one. However, this time, we have changed some parts. Such as showing clear status change; making the characters work together, and being realistic.

8A Elev 2 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

I think our group improved much better for our scene. We started to think reacted realistically when the elevator stopped. We also had some status change during the scene and our characters met together quite well. My character was more of an easily annoyed person throughout the scene. Overall, I think that we did a good job in reflecting what should/shouldn’t change.


What does stereotype mean?

An idea of what people think a particular person, group, or culture is like.

When are stereotypes useful?

Stereotypes can be useful when you’re writing a book because it is easier to make a character. It is also useful in acting or improvising because you’ll know quickly of what to do.

Can you judge a book by it’s cover?

We all have judged people by their looks sometime in our lives. But you shouldn’t, because what you think about the person is not always true!