Responding to ‘The Giver’ by Lois Lowry

My found poem that I created is taken from two pages of the book “The Giver” by Lois Lowry. The page numbers were 126-127 which I found was one of the most memorable and favourite part of the book. The theme that I thought  for the book was “There isn’t such thing as a ‘Perfect World’ if there isn’t love”. A short summary of ‘The Giver‘ is how Jonas lives in a world without conflict, poverty, starvation. In shorter words; a ‘perfect’ world. The world Jacob lives in also eliminates choice. Each twelve year olds get assigned a job based on their capacity. However; Jacob in particular receives the most important role; the Receiver.



Image: “100_0568_2.” Flickr. Yahoo!, 5 May 2007. Web. 29 Jan. 2015.

We could be better
and a little more complete

if you could feel
the light of the burning candles on the table;
the warmth of the fire,
and the silence of the night

And it could kind of be nice
if you could understand
a word like
is a way to live
a lie

Some of the techniques used in my found poem are repetition, space, and metaphor.  As you might have noticed, I used the world ‘~could’ a lot as I wanted to produce a feeling of want for a change. Then, I separated some words into one line as this produces a feeling of being aware of them. And lastly, resembling ‘love’ as ‘a way to live’ to give a feeling of realisation.


Comparing Poetry and Ads

We’ve just started our new english unit which focuses on how the use of language ‘move’ people. So far we’ve analysed three poems and one Greenpeace advertisement. The two main things i’ll be talking about is comparing the text and visual language of poetry/ads.

Techniques such as slogans, imperatives, and hyperboles change someone’s opinion or feeling. However, the way they are used can be even more effective. For example, the use of space and colour. You might be thinking how these two are connected but it actually is.
In poetry, a sentence can be placed on its own, and even though you can’t see actual colours; if you carefully read it, they start to appear like word pictures. In advertisements, the colour used are easy to see and the use of space is also very clear.

The difference is that it is easier to understand advertisements than poems. This is because a poem can have many different meanings depending on how someone looks at it as. However, ads are more straightforward and have a certain idea. This is usually because an ad is made for people to easily recognise. But a poem is something like a puzzle. You have to look deeper into the context.

In conclusion, there are many things common between advertisements and poems.



The book I am currently reading is Hatchet by Gary Paulsen. The story starts off where the protagonist of the book, Brian Roberson survives in a plane crash on his way to visit his father. The plane lands on a lake somewhere in Canada and Brian tries to survive alone in the wilderness.

So far, the theme that is said throughout Hatchet is “The only person that can save you is yourself when it comes to survival”. Explaining the theme easily, for example; if you were on an island with three to five people and they all want to go home. If there was an opportunity, people will only care about themselves because they’re suffering to live their own so they wouldn’t bother helping other people.

The first reason why I enjoy reading this book so far is because the protagonist of the book is in the same age group, which is easier for me to understand the story because the vocabularies used aren’t that difficult. Even though the book is in third person, it describes how Brian tries to survive and the difficulty. And while reading the book, I just felt like I was watching him trying to live leaving me useless.

The second reason is that Brian’s parents had divorced and the reason is because of his mother which he calls it “The secret”. “The secret”(which you’ll know if you read the book) still tortures him in his mind after the plane crash. This is a problem that other people might face the same situation where we don’t know why these things happen.

The final reason is because how Brian narrates the story of how he tries to survive drags me in and sort of wish him luck and hope that he will live. And what I explained earlier of how book makes me want to help Brian because he’s left alone somewhere in the wilderness.

In conclusion, I really like this book so far because I have a hard time understanding the stories in books but Hatchet changes that. I hope that I can continue to read this and finish the book. I also hope that Brian will survive in the wilderness of Canada.