Hey, I was researching about Philippines for my presentation and I found out cool facts about Philippines. The climate is pretty warm there because from march~may its hot+dry, from june~october its rainy and from November~february its cool.

  • The average temperature is 27.7 degrees Celsius.
  • The range of average monthly temperature is 4 degrees.
  • The warmest average max/high temperature is 34 degrees celsius in May
  • The coolest average min/low temperature is 22 degrees celsius in January & February     
The weather’s actually always warm there, so its like everlasting Summer~. So if you’re the type of person who likes to live in a everlasting summer country, I would recommend you to live in Philippines:) 
There is also great food in Philippine like Lumpia, which is simmlar to the Japanese Harumaki. It is fried outside, and it has meat inside it. It is really good, I LOVE it <3. Also, in Philippines they have cultural celebration. For example, there is a festival called “Panagbenga Festival”which the people who dance in the festival dress up in a flower costume. The Malayo Polynesian meaning is “Season of Blooming”.

Vegetable Lumpia  

Picture by punctuated   

The Capital City of Philippines:

Well..the capital city in Philippine is Manila, which is located in the eastern shores of Manila bay which is in the western shores of Luzon. In Manila, the climate is very hot because the temperature is from 30~34 degrees celsius. Then, christmas is hot there. Shopping is convenient in Manila and also there’s a beach in Manila so you can surf there:) The left picture shows you how beautiful Manila Beach is, and the right photo is Philippine Manila at Night. The building lights are reflecting because there is water there. 

Coron Busuanga Palawan Philippines  

A picture by GreenArcher04                                

 Transportation: From Japan~Manila: 4 hours flight 

~I hope you all think Philippines a good place to live! ~


Being a Risk-taker and Knowledgeable

On the second day of field studies, we had 2 actives: Mountain bike and Canoeing. My group had Mountain bike for the first activity. I was a little nervous because it was a long time since I riding a bicycle. We had to line up in height order and we had to get our bikes. I got a big one, and it was definitely very different to MY bicycle. It was challenging riding the bicycle first, but I got used to it. I was a risk taker because during riding the bike, there was a HUGE hill and it was a big challenge, but we got to rest so it was a good challenge. My favorite part was when we go down the hill because there was good wind and it felt good:).  After Mountain biking we went canoeing in the Hakuba Evergreen Outdoor Center lake. I was in the back and I was knowledgeable because I was thinking how I could control the canoe for example making the boat straight.

After all the activities we went to Yamano Hotel with the Hakuba staff car. When we arrived, we all got into our group and the teachers gave us the room key. The teacher also said that we had to choose the Key master which is a person who has to be responsible of the room key. If it gets lost, we are not aloud to go outside unless if we find the key.            


Communicating and Thinking

When we arrived to Hakuba Evergreen Outdoor Center, it was really cold and we had to set our own tent. We had to set our tent in our room mate and Cooperate together. I had to be a thinker because it was my first time setting a tent. While setting the tent, me and my room mate realized the tent was broken. The Hakuba Evergreen center staff said that we had the “Unlucky Tent”. We chose another tent which was was clean. Cooperating and Communicating makes things faster and easy to do. 

After setting the tent, there was an activity called Orienteering Challenge which we had to work in groups and find the things in Hakuba Evergreen Outdoor Center. It was challenging because people had different opinion so some of them were arguing. I was a thinker and a communicator because I listen to other people’s opinion and I said my opinion too.