During math, we are learning about box and whisker plots. And our task was to make our own box and whisker pots by looking at temperatures for different countries. So then, I chose the average high of Yokohama, Japan’s temperature(in fahrenheit) of the three months december, may, and january.

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 12.01.50 PM

By looking at the result, I can see that the temperature for december and january is very different. I can also see that the lower quartile for january is close to the lower extreme because the statistics show me that the lower quartile is 48.8 and the minimum is 48.7.

I also looked at the temperature for San Paolo, Brazil(same month as Yokohama). The third one(january) looks similar to the first one in Yokohama Japan. For december, you can see that the temperature didn’t really change in San Paolo.

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 9.39.14 PM

Burn up those calories!

Our current unit in Math is using ratios to solve problems and during class we had to do this activity on how much time you would need to burn all the calories, using ratio.
For this activity, we used Starbucks to choose what food and beverages we would want to eat or drink and choose different activities to burn the calories using this site: . After a long time of gathering information, and calculating the math we put them in a poster using Piktochart.

Burn up those calories poster


Pythagorean Theorem

During class I made a geogebra to explore the Pythagorean Theorem of a right-angled triangle. As you can see, I constructed three different regular polygons. Now what I think about Pythagorean Theorem after doing this is that it’s not that hard and if you know the steps on how to work out the answer its easy for you. The area of the two squared add up to the biggest square. And this method works even if you change the shape.

Marine Tower

During Math class we went on a field trip to Marine Tower to investigate how much km there was on each place. For example how far is YIS to Marine Tower? There were different pictures with places in Marine Tower, and it showed us how far km it was. Here are the results:


1. Mount Fuji: 84 kilometers

2. Motomachi Arch: 90 meters

3. Tokyo Skytree: 32 kilometers

4. Tokyo Tower: 25 kilometers

5. Yokohama Stadium: 900 meters

6. Kaze-no Tower: 17.5 kilometers

7. Foreign Cemetery: 500 meters

8. Yokohama Bay Bridge: 2.4 kilometers

9. Honmoku Wharf: 3 kilometers

10. Minato-no-mieru oka park: 500 meters

11. Minami Honmoku wharf: 5 kilometers

12. Sea Paradise: 12 kilometers

13. Negishi shinrin park: 2.5 kilometers