My composition for music

In music class, we’re learning rhythm and composition. During class, I made a composition on garageband. The genre of this music is Rock, Hard rock, and Edgy Rock. In the beginning of this music, theres only the guitar but it gets louder in the middle and fade in the end. I used Garageband to make this music. I think garagebands useful because theres different kinds of instruments and a lot of options. Its also wide so you could make longer music too. What I want to improve on is to make the music maybe longer and maybe have more instruments  combining in the middle.

I finished fast, so I made more music on garageband!

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Rhythm Unit Reflection

Rhythms are important in music because if there was no rhythm, we can’t compose music. Music is about expressing your feelings and having passion but you need to know the rhythm, because Rhythm is Music. In order to sing or play an instrument, you need to have rhythm!

Rhythm is used in music many different ways. When its Mozart, the rhythm changes a lot. For example, the beginning might be slow and steady, and the middle might be a little faster. My favorite classic artist is Beethoven because I like his style of music. The beginning is important because you want to make people pay attention. For example, in the start the rhythm might be normal, but it could be really fast. Suddenly, it can be a relaxed steady rhythm. And it can go back to a fast rhythm.

I have many favorite songs, but the song I listen the most is Both sides of Story by We are the in crowd. The rhythm  is slow in the beginning but it get faster when its in the middle and it goes slow in the end. The beginning catches my attention because the vocalists sings from the start and theres the guitar.

Music from Home Lands

In music class we researched musics from our homelands. My Homeland is Japan so I researched the traditional music and instruments. I found out that Japanese music came from chinese a long time ago.

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Answer for Music Class

1) How is the music from my homeland uniquely identifiable?

The Rhythm is slow and steady. The Koto has a good sound and it is relaxing. The Shamisen has a unique sound and lots of okinawans use this instrument.  

2) How does it compare with music from other countries?

Japanese Music is simmular to Chinese music because some of the instruments are simmular and has the same sound. But I think that Chinese music rhythm is faster and Japanese music is slower.

3) Are there other countries whose music is very similar?

The Chinese is simmular to the Japanese music. Japanese traditional music came from Chinese music a long time ago. The instrument called Koto was also made from China.

 4) Who is my favorite artist from my homeland?

I don’t really listen to Japanese music. I only know a few of the artists in Japan. For example, Jero, Angela Aki, Crystal Key.  I mostly listen to artists from the U.S and the genres are pop-rock, rock, heavy-metal, punk.