Making soundtracks

Our current in music class is creating a soundtrack for a movie genre of our choice. Before creating the actual soundtrack, we made an outline of the ten different scenes that had to go with ten different short soundtrack by using our motif, and changing the style of it as the movie goes. The document which Moe and I have been planning on is called the “Soundtrack Cue Sheet” which you can view it right here . If you want to see in depth of why I made different decisions, you can view my process journal here.

At the same time, we were asked to be in two to three groups and arrange the famous Hedwigs Theme from Harry Potter. My group had four people because the other group were having troubles and so we both wanted to help, and became one group. If you would also like to know my progress and decision making with reasons to them, you can check them on the same process journal on the second link on top.

This is the final piece for our project.

The sources for the images used are linkedĀ hereĀ 

Just another rock song…

We; Vuka and I, have just finished our rock song for music class. The audio below is the song we made:

First of all, there were some challenges during the project. Personally, I was holding back on commenting on Vuka’s opinion and hesitated before I was going to say something. I tried to include Vuka’s opinion and let her work on the song because a problem that usually happens when you pair up with someone is one being the leader, and the other one being the follower. As we were working on the song more, we got closer and was able to be honest and directly say our opinion. But we didn’t forget to also listen to each other and discuss what’s wrong.

A problem Vuka and I had was forgetting one of the most important part of a song which was the melody. After we realised that, we quickly recorded our melody which was improvised. In result, we were very pleased because the melody and the background matched well together. However, it was clear that each section was separated and didn’t quite link together. So this is what we could improve on next time, to listen carefully and look for the smallest mistakes.

Overall, it was exceedingly great listening to other people’s rock songs because I was able to find out the difference between different groups and their own personal rock song. What I like the most is how our songs gives out a 50s vibe. This is because we had a different style comparing to others. Overall, I couldn’t have completed the song without the help of my friend.