Practicing for x-country at Negishi Park

In PE class, we have been practicing for x-country. We had to use strategies during the run at Negishi Park: Self Talk, Disassociation, Imagery, Empathizing and Self Development. We also had to choose the strategies, and I chose Imagery.

I chose Imagery, and my strategy worked because when I think of something negative I start to get tired, but when I think of something positive, I run faster. So what I was thinking of someone chasing me, so I was running. I recommend the strategy imagery to next years 6th grades because If you were thinking of something positive you can run longer. When you think that you are going to fail, or you’re bad it you are thinking something negative so you start walking.

There is a surfer name Bethany Hamilton, she was born in 1990, February 8th, in Lihue Hawaii. She was once surfing with her friends and she got her arm bitten by a shark. She wrote her experience: Soul surfer: A true story of faith, family, and fighting to get back on the board. In April 11th, the featured film Soul Surfer was released, based on the book.