Minecraft Evaluation Reflection

Introduction: Our current unit in technology is “Fair Game” and our task for this unit was to create a theme park on mine craft related to our given theme. Our given theme was “Space station.” The unit question is “What does cooperation and collaboration look like?” and the significant concept is “How we solve problems depends on the conditions of the environment and group dynamics.” The video below will guide you to our theme park: Skip to 3:38 to see my part of the theme park.

Our main target audience was age 8 and up and we surveyed 11 students from different grades. This link will will take you to the feedback we got:
After I got the feedback, I could have improved on the

Criteria A-Investigation: I think this part of the design cycle was the most longest out of all because we investigated how we could use mine craft to create the theme park. We then researched “What makes a good theme park” based on the information from the internet. And the building I was responsible for was “Space Museum” so I had to research space artefacts. After researching, we had to create questions for our target market and test them. I think I put a lot of effort because I was detailed and coherent.

Criteria B-Design: I think this part of the project was my favourite. We developed three designs of what our map should look like. We couldn’t just make a map, it had to be detailed and include small notations on the map to explain more of it. Our group created three designs first, but we decided to make a forth design which was a combination of the three designs.  After planning out the map, we compared and contrast stating the pros and cons. The final map was the best out of the three ones because it included all of our desirable specifications. One thing we could improve on for this part of the design cycle is to include everyone in the group so no one would be left behind.
Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 3.52.37 PM

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 3.52.55 PM

Criteria C-Plan: This part of the project was the most challenging part for me because we had to create the steps of how we make our building. We shared our steps with our peers and see if they were detailed and accurate. My result didn’t turn out that well, so I had to be more specific in my steps. Even if this step was challenging, it was a good experience for me because I knew what I had to improve on. One thing I would do differently next time for the plan is to use more detailed steps so that people can actually build it.

Criteria D-Create: For this part of the design cycle, I put a lot of effort because I wanted to make my building the way I wanted it to be. During the first week of working on this design cycle, my group was way behind every other group because we weren’t really communicating well and not listening to each other. But as the week went by, we stared to get things done and started discussing more and come as a group.

In conclusion, I learned that it was challenging to work with my friends and I could have improved my role as a peace-maker by asking my group members if they wanted any help or if they were struggling with some parts of the design cycle. Overall, I enjoyed this unit because it was a very different unit as the previous one and it was a great opportunity to make a different world from ours on minecraft.

Technology – Criteria E Reflection of digital story

I thought my digital story went the way I wanted it to be. My desirable specifications for my digital story were if my video was entertaining or interesting, surprising the audience, if the video was three to six minutes(According to the TSC), and most importantly understandable. The two people who have first assisted me were Saya and Ms Lindsey. My peer assessor, Saya said that my sound effects were accurate and in the same timing as my video. Although she said that I could improve on some of the video clips. My second assessor Ms. Rude said that my video was a little dark. The video was below three to six minutes. She also said that I could add more story into it. After hearing this, I made some changes so that I could have the desirable specifications by including every feedback to my digital story. Some of it were challenging for me because I had to film my video again but I’m glad that I have what I needed.

In the design cycle for technology there are four categories. They are investigation, design, plan, create, and evaluate. In investigation, we researched some other people’s digital story and give comments on what was good and something they could improve on. After this activity, we researched some tools to use for digital story. The tool that I investigate was garageband. I was lucky because I already knew how to use garageband. The last part of investigation was learning seven elements of digital story to find new vocabularies. The next part of the design cycle was design, which was one of my favourite parts. During design, we brainstormed topics for digital story. We also had to choose our target audience, and mine was peers which were my class mates. Then, I also chose my tool which was imovie and garageband. Afterwards, we made storyboards for each steps or slides of our digital story. This part was challenging and fun for me because first, I did some of my digital story on the computer and it was hard for me to draw them so instead I chose drawing them on paper. That made it way easier and fun! Next, we did create. We did create during class, but I did not use my time wisely, even though we had two periods. I did all my create at home because I had to film at night. And last but not least, evaluation. In evaluation we did mini reflections about the different activities in the design cycle. The peer feedback is part of evaluation. This reflection is also part of evaluation which I’m doing right now.

In conclusion i would like to discuss a little about the our unit question which is “How can we use media to communicate our stories?”. My answer is to use different tools as possible, and choose the best one that suits you. And when you’re done with that start your digital story and show it to everyone! Overall, I have enjoyed this unit and would like to do this again! 😀