What I’m proud of Semester 1

Middle School:

1) Giving Home work on time(due date)

2) Responsible of my PE kits and class stuff

3) Organizing my work


1) Sports Activities: I was in the MSG Volley ball C team, and I learned a lot of skills and strategies

2) Using Computers: I learned how to use my computer carefully, and the other blog settings on my computer

3) New teachers: There are many teachers in middle school, and I have learned many different things about the different subjects. For example, I learned spanish and I improved a lot.

1) Improved Maths: I improved my fraction skills and some word problems by using the Math book/mathletics

2) Sports: A unit on Soccer and the different strategies and how to control the soccer ball. Also, the x-country unit. Using the different strategies and using them and improving the time.

Being a reflective person

After field-studies and in the bus, I was reflective because I was thinking what I did at field-studies. For example, the challenging rock climbing/canoeing, and the exciting mountain biking/Hakuba Jeperty. I was thinking what I did good and what I could improve better. Next time, I want to improve better at canoeing because I didn’t really enjoy it and I thought it was tiring. So I should be positive every time I do something, so I can enjoy it. Being reflective makes be a thinker because I think about things. Also, I will like to to the mountain biking again, and try a different course. It was challenging but fun, and its my new hobby right now. I will always remember the memory of Field studies 2012 Hakuba Nagano. And the fun activities we did and the great food:) Hope I could go to Hakuba again..

The picture below is the lake in Hakuba Evergreen Outdoor Center. Credits to Mrs.Cofino(my tutor/tech teacher). Love the photo:) The ducky was a ride, which you could see the Lake and the beautiful view of the mountain. We saw the beautiful view when we were doing canoeing. It was really sunny and a perfect day for canoeing.

Being a principled and Caring person

I was principled at the Hakuba Jeperty because people had different opinion, so I agreed to people with the similar answer as me. It was much faster and easier, and it was a BALANCED game. Well, communicating with each other makes things faster but being principled is good too because you have a strong opinion about something. 

I was caring in field studies because there was a person who was hurt, so I cheered that person up and he got happy. Being caring is a good thing because when there is sad people, you can cheer them up and they will be happy. For example, at mountain bike there was people who was at the back, and some were upset, so me and my friends cheered that person, and that person got happy:) 


Being a inquire and Balanced person

During field studies, we did Hakuba Jeperty. Hakuba Jeperty is a game when theres 5 topics about something and we answer them in our groups. There was a limited time for discussing, which was 10 seconds. If our answer was incorrect, we can’t get points. It was challenging because some of the questions were hard, and some were really easy. The most challenging thing was, when we discuss in our groups, because there were different opinions. I was a inquire because after the Hakuba Jeperty, I researched and learned the things I didn’t know(the answers for some question topic). I was also balanced because I was fair and equal. My group was fair because everybody agreed on one thing….

The Yamano Hotel food was balanced because there was a section of vegetable, meat, and rice/bread. The food was really healthy and it gave me strength for the activities. The Hakuba Evergreen Outdoor Center food was balanced too. I was balanced because I ate all of the food and I also liked it! Eating healthy food, makes you have strength.


What I think about Field Studies..

4 nights and 5 days till Field studies!! I can’t wait…

I think Field studies is a very fun, interesting experience because we can do a lot of activities such as Rock climbing, Canoeing, etc.

Where we go: Hakuba Nagano Evergreen Outdoor Center for the activities, and Yamano Hotel  for staying(to rest in the hotel). We will be sleeping in tents, and also we will be also sleeping in Yamano Hotel.

Activities: We will be doing rock climbing, riding on Hot air balloon, and hiking. During field studies, I want to be a risk taker to not be afraid of the activities, be caring to other people, and be a thinker by listening to the teacher and thinking of how I could do something. Finally, I would like to be reflective by reflecting what I did good and what I did wrong…