Living and working and community creates opportunities and challenges

How does the significant concept relate to camp?

By looking at the photos on flickr I think we all lived as a community by being in groups and doing activities. It was definitely an opportunity for me because  I had to work with people I didn’t really like and I had to accept them. Although I got used to it and my perspective about someone changed. Especially in the 6 hours scavenge hunting hike because there weren’t any teacher’s and we all had to work together. One of my group member hurt their leg so we had to wait. Now, I thank my group members because they made me a better person by caring about each other and accepting.
Another example is that when we had dinner we were patient and took turns taking the food. The good thing was no one was being selfish! After the dinner we had to clean up and every one was helping and the work was easier and faster.

Smart Goals:

During field studies time, all the seventh graders had our visual journals and we had to draw pictures of each day at Northstar. We also had to make SMART(Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time) goals. Making a smart goal takes a long time because its not just a normal goal.

The questions for our smart goals are: How will you make make a positive impact on the YIS community? How will you achieve academic success?

1) This year I want have good grades for Math class by understanding what is happening in class and looking at the tsc before and after the assessment so that I know what I should include on my task in order to get a good grade.

2) For semester 1 and 2 for this year, I want to participate different activities as possible so that I have the opportunity to communicate and interact with other people by signing up the activity sheet on veracross.