8th Grade And Field Studies

Field Studies 2014-2015 


We were separated randomly in different groups which was a chance for me to get to meet new people from other classes in our grade. I found out that other people had the same interests and we became friends. Getting to know other people will help me now as well as in the future when I graduate high school and enter college and have to start over again. Not only in college, but also when we find jobs. We have to interact with many people so that we can learn from them instead of always being with the same people.

It wasn’t really a choice to wether or not to get out of our comfort zone. We were forced to be in a group to do different activities for the rest of field studies. Although it was up to ourselves to decide. Stepping out of my comfort zone wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. People were kind and friendly which made me thought that I should also open-up too.

My strength and weeknesses

The three top intelligence I got were:




My response:
I mostly agree with my result, although one thing I found unusual was, I thought spatial intelligence would be the strongest of me because ever since I was little, people would compliment my art skills. Also, my mom told me that when I was in her stomach, she sang to me. My dad plays the drums and the guitar so I was surrounded by music everyday of my life, and eventually I also started playing some instruments, such as the piano and a bit of guitar.  My weakest intelligence was logic/math with the score 2.43. Even though I am not the best at this, my goal this year is to study hard and math is  included. Overall, it was great to know my strength and weaknesses and learn from it.