First week of High school

The last five days were my first week of High school. New faces, old faces, and ones that I’ve passed by in the hallway but never got to know them. It was different. Not just about being the smaller ones compared to when being the older kids in Middle school. The classes, atmosphere, and the people.

I think the high points of this week was meeting new people, both students and teachers. But what was even more better was that I got to actually talk to them and share same interests. Another thing that I thought was great was that I tried out for the junior varsity & varsity x-country team. The running was really intense but I felt successful after I ran. Even though I wasn’t as fast as the seniors and previous students who joined the team, I enjoyed it.
I think the low points of this week was not being able to spot an open seat in the cafeteria because it was very crammed. Even if the seats were available, I wouldn’t have the courage to go up there where all the seniors are. Another thing that I thought was a bit difficult was being in the extended math class because everything went really fast and I had to keep up with everyone else. But at the same time, I learned something new.