The four learner profile that I think have most demonstrated me during this semester are:

Risk Takers:
In English class we sometimes do a 10 minutes writing where a topic is given and we write about it. You can write about the topic in any style. For example, like poem, a brainstorm, in paragraphs, etc. The topic was “History” so I  wrote a history of myself but it was risking because they were personal things about me but I couldn’t come up with an idea so I chose myself as a history writing.  I chose this work because I think I showed risk taker.


Also, in Art there was a unit on Water Colour Street Drawing. At the very start of the unit, we watched a film of an artist name Tommy Kane who see’s the world differently and he draws this building. I sat on the street and sketched the building. The fun part of sketching outside was that it was a new experience for me and I liked how I could actually sit and draw. The challenging part was that when I was sitting on the floor it was disturbing to some people who were walking by and I felt a little conscious. But after a while I got used to the people so I would definitely say that it was a new experience!

Street Drawing

In humanities, when we had a unit on the renaissance we got assigned groups and had the chance of what renaissance building we wanted to built on mine craft. And I think I have  made a blog post reflection about it, including the minecraft walk through video. For the video, we all each had to record our voice and that was risky for my because I wasn’t very used to recording my voice, but I’m glad that I took the risk because if we do a similar project to this one I wouldn’t feel insecure anymore.

I think I was reflective in Technology class when I made a blog post about the previous unit on Digital Story. I chose this work because this is the one I reflected the most in all of my subjects.

PE has taught me how to communicate with other people by having coaching time for the unit on Invasion Games. I chose this work because I communicated and learned a lot from others. An example of our coaching time is when we were playing basketball and we had to talk about what skill we did during the game and we had to write it down in a document: (This is only one part of the document)

Invasion Games

Also in spanish, we had a project on “Mi famiilia” which was about introducing your family to other people. During the project we made a presentation and included family trees,  some pictures(optional), and some dot point information about our family members. I think I communicated well during this project because I clearly explained about my family using a family tree.

Mi familia

Knowledgeable: In music class, I made a short reflection about music and I showed my knowledge and understandings of reading sheet musics and here are some screen shots part of my work. I chose this work because I thought that this was the best work that I did in music class:
Music Reflection
This is another example about the meaning of the symbols in the music sheets:
Music Reflection2

In Japanese class every week, we do kanji tests. I showed my knowledge of the different kanji’s and I will continue to do it. Here is one of the kanji test in which I thought I succeeded very well: 

Kanji test

Balanced: This is a learner profile that I would like to improve on for my three subjects which are Math, Drama, and Science. I want to be balanced by having good grades for all my subjects and not only the classes I like the most, but also the subjects I least like. For drama, we chose a topic and created a mime skit about it and then I wrote a blog post reflecting to it. The reason why I chose this work is because I didn’t focus or try hard on it.
And for math, the work that I like to improve on is an assignment which we worked on measuring distance. This is a screen shot showing part of my work. I would like to improve more on reflecting my  work because I wasn’t detailed enough: Distance to Horizon Reflection

And lastly for science, the work that I would like to improve on is an assignment we did on light and how our eyes see things. The reason why I want to improve on this is because I didn’t study or prepare enough for the assignment.  I took a picture part of the assessment on Photo Booth.

Photo on 2-12-14 at 8.27 PM


My goals for next semester is to be balanced for all of my subjects and not the ones I’m very good at but the ones I need to improve on. I will achieve this goal by having a good attitude in class and do homework before I do something not related to school so that I could be prepared to classes.

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  1. I think it can be easy to do well at the things we like…it’s harder when it’s things we don’t like as much. I hope this is going well for you. Thanks for sharing!

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