GCD – Wellness Reflection


Since I was younger I was going through my lesson of social wellness, even now. Growing up I noticed this stigma of having more friends is better, but I don’t think I ever believed that. I was an introvert as a younger child but that got me to where I am today, which is a friendlier and more interactive version of me, but I know my boundaries of what I should say or not. I was not a social butterfly as a kid and now I can be more approachable, but I still believed that I don’t need all the people in the world to be my friend, and that I can chose who to be close with. I think it’s really important to know, the saying of “Quality over Quantity” because it’s very true I would rather have a small group of true friends than a big group of friends I don’t feel a deep connection with. I have a good understanding of friendship and it’s okay to not be everyone’s favourite.

This helps my social skills because it changes my interactions within certain people. It changes what I share and how to respond back to them. I would not want to cross the line by sharing too much information with someone I may not be true friends with, so with me having the belief of not wanting everyone as my best friend, it can help me in social situations to have limitations on what to talk about.



Like everyone, I go through issues, whether people interpret it as a small or big problem I go through them, we all do and throughout the years I’ve learn to collect my thoughts better. I go through the habit of getting stressed a little bit, either for school, family, even friendships/relationships so I never panic once I encounter something. But I’ve done a good job at not making it everyone’s problem and calming the situation down. I’m not saying that I hide my problems, but it’s just that I learn to change my perspective on things. What usually happens is that I encounter a problem, and I do admit I stress and panic about it for a brief moment, but then i remember to think of the bigger picture, as in the long run of my life. I remember that this one problem compared to the long run is very tiny, and I can only make things worse if I try to make it any bigger than it already is. Having this thought process can really get me back on track and has kept me calm in moments of panic.