COMPETENCIES – Wilderness Engagement

Developed a skill / understanding through interaction with our natural environment :

Last spring I went on a hiking trip in the Nakasendo. The hike consisted of us walking on the roads and mountains that connected Tokyo and Kyoto in the Edo period. Many trades were made through these roads and the routes we walked on holds a lot of history which was very entertaining since it told a story about Japans past.

This trip was very useful since it helped extend my appreciation of the outdoors, but also taught me some skills when it came to hiking on snow. It was my first time hiking on snow and my first time wearing the snow cleats, which scared me a bit since the snow cleats’ area on the show was so small I questioned if it would be beneficial at all. Turns out it was very helpful but did not mean I was able to put all the work on the cleats. I learned how to grip on to the snow if you put a bit of pressure on the ground where the snow lies you reach beneath the surface of the snow and the cleats will be “stuck” and grip on the floor so you won’t slip.

Another skill I’ve learned was how to be adaptable to the environment you are in. This was not that hard as I enjoyed my time during the hike but there were difficulties along the way with the weather constantly changing from cold to hot so you have to have a lot of layers and carrying most jackets at times. Also, the people around you could be in different moods than you, times, when I was frustrated other people were happy but then when I was in a good mood, others were a bit irritated so I also learned how to be even more adaptable to the people around me than usual as this hike was all about sticking together.

I’ve always enjoyed hiking since it is a slow way to be active as you are technically walking. But it also has the right amount of challenge since you have to think about your next step, or at least I did since I wanted to avoid falling as much as possible. It is also a very beautiful experience, especially this Naksendo road and has inspired me to hopefully go back and possibly make the entire trail once in the future.

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  1. Mark Redlich says:

    This post meets the criteria Michelle, though I would be curious to know if there were any other skills you developed, aside from using snow cleats.

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