CORE VALUE – Inter-Cultural Communication

Committed to connect with and understanding others within and across cultures. Engaging with people in another languages and communicate thoughtfully and appropriately :

This summer, I worked at a 海の家 which transaltes to Beach house in English. It was my first ever job, but also the first time I ever spoke Japanese for a long period of time. My mother tongue is English. Even though I grew up mostly in Japan and I occasionally communicate with my mum in Japanese, I only use very basic words and speak in a mix of English and Japanese.


So of course the biggest challenge of this job was speaking Japanese since I can’t call myself fluent in Japanese. As I mentioned before it was the first time I ever spoke Japanese for that long in that period of time so it really helped me push my boundaries and helped me show how being bilingual is a true privilege and a reward. Also as there were many tourists I learned to pick up on certain words in Chinese and Korean or use universal language like hand gestures to communicate which was very new to me but at the same time helpful.

However, most of the customers were Japanese, and since it was a beach house and not just an ice cream stand, I was expected to be able to hold long conversations in Japanese with the customers. Also to my boss I was very careful with my choice of words, and tried my best to use more formal vocabulary even though my vocabulary knowledge was limited, in Japan there are certain phrases you cannot say to people older than you, and though I am always cautious of that I wanted to impress my boss more and prepared what I was going to say before speaking.

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