Charlie Hebdo : Response to The Guardian – Human Rights

According to The Guardian, Charlie Hebdo’s intentions are to make a ‘casual’ joke and is not a hate speech, which can be debatable. This then begs the question what separates the act of freedom of speech to a hate speech?

Freedom of speech is the right for one to express an opinion without any restraints or censorship, this can allow many people to step out for their rights, fight for equality. However, can lead to other cases such as criticizing a religion or misjudging someone based on their appearance. This right can make people uncomfortable since it allows people so say what they believe: racists, LGBTQ activists, etc.

In regards of The Guardian, I agree that line crossed for hate speech and freedom of speech is when someone or a group of people attack a person or a certain community about their background or who they are. Additionally, criticising someone by features they can not help but be such as their gender, skin colour, and even religion.