Box Stage Evaluation

The box set was inspired by a play that was mysterious and haunted theme to it so it was natural instincts that the stage would be like that as well. There are not a lot of furniture in the box stage and is all very simple pieces but has a historic feeling to it. It has floral cloth on top of the table and chairs, and one small black leather lounge chair. With the historic looking furniture around people can tell that it is not set in modern time. A lot of movement can be held in this box stage because there is a lot of open space. We imagined the location of the play to be in the country area of France in the era of the 19th century. The basic mood of the entire play had a eerie and dark theme to it, so it was natural for us to make the box stage like that as best as possible. We connected the stage and the historic background together by adding some pictures of families that was taken in the past and putting them in frames to decorate our stage. The colours used on the stage is all very dark and gloomy. Colours that were used were dark swampy green and black and with these two colours it will set a haunted feeling environment. We made balance on the stage by spreading out the furnitures and decorations, but at the same time because all the props have their own individual space, they are in some way emphasised as well. We distributed all of the props evenly, so even if one chair is placed on the front right of the stage, there is something near the front left so everything is equally as important.