COMPETENCIES – Work Experience

Evidence of providing work of practical value in a professional setting and building skills in a specific trade or profession :

This summer I worked part time for the first time in Fukuoka my home tow for  at a 海の家, which translates to Beach House in english. The work I had to do at the Beach House was making shaved ice, soft serve, scoop ice cream, make milkshakes, serve food, and be at my best possible convenience for customers. Since summer in Fukuoka consists of many tourists and the beach is very close to the city and where I lived it was the perfect job for me as they were only hiring during the summer and I was not going to be around once school starts.


I worked on an average of 5 hours a day, 3 to 4 times a week. Except when there was a firework show at the beach, which then I worked 11 hours morning to night due to the immense amount of people coming. In total I worked there for 2.5 months.

Since this was my first ever work experience I was not sure what I was diving in for, before this I never worked for money so I was excited about the idea of earning it myself. There were many challenges along the way since it took at least a week to understand the system and how the Beach House works, and being on someone’s constant beckon call was something I knew was mandatory but a bit of a struggle at the beginning.

Also since Japan takes a lot of pride in their hospitality, as a employee I learned the ways of being at peoples service and following the motto ‘the customer is always right’. As I was always the customer, being in the other shoe helped me understand that even with a small summer job like being at a Beach House can be very tiring and that they are doing their best.