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Reflection of Semester 2

During this semester, we have worked mainly on past tenses and legends from hispanic cultures. Through this unit, I learned various legends from hispanic cultures, managed to nearly master the past tense, and I also learned about various hispanic pre-columbian civilisations. However, even with the past tense nearly mastered, I still have multiple improvements I could make. One of the biggest problems I have, is when I need to use either Ser or Estar.


During this unit, I felt that I’ve improved overall on my writing assessment and my oral assessment a little bit. I think that revising my notes on what I’ve learned during class helped me a lot as I believe it helped me remember the content we have gone through during class. Therefore, I will continue to revise at home after school in order to properly remember what we have learned during class and as for the next unit, I want to improve my vocabulary and my oral skills.

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  1. Sra. Hill
    Posted March 9, 2016 at 12:54 am | #

    Thank you for such a detailed reflection. I think if you write down 1-3 things you learned in class in your own words and/or tried to summarize your understandings in 30s. that would be a good way to review your notes and learning.

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