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MUN Conference

For my Advanced Academics category of GCD, I would like to talk about my experiences in MUN. As a student in YIS, I have begun to attend the MUN in-school club and has been attending since (approximately) the beginning of the year. During my times in the MUN, I have conducted research of various global catastrophes/events and have delved into the history of the world, performing various conferences (during club-time) related to historical events. Through this, I believe that I have displayed my knowledge clearly through hard worked research and thus have proven my skills in “Advanced Academics”. And obviously, through speaking up during these meetings, I have also displayed my skills in “Communication”. And finally, I would like to point out the fact that I have attended a inter-school MUN conference held at the Seishin International School. Although I did not have a large role in this conference, I believe that I have managed to speak enough to display my skills in Communication once again. By attending this conference, I believe that I have displayed my skills in “Community Engagement”.

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