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Spanish Unit 2 Reflection 2017

Use a metaphor and a simile to describe the subjunctive and/or the imperative.

Subjunctive¬†is a rare species of bird which when you see it, you know what it is but really all you say is “meh”.
Write a headline of no more than 10 words to summarise your learning this unit.

Beauty isn’t everything. But Subjunctive is the beauty of Spanish.
Make a soundtrack/mixtape that accompanies your learning experience. Explain your choices.

Stand Your Ground provides a feel of a fresh new start – appropriate for the beginning of the unit. I feel confident and feel like I can achieve good results.

Omnis Lacrima emits a sense of overwhelming difficulty – an emotion I felt when I first encountered Subjunctive. I also felt quite discouraged due to my lack of knowledge on the topic of beauty.

Nox Divina continues the sense of difficulty and awe – an emotion I had to deal throughout the topic as for the majority, I felt that it was too hard and I will end up failing. However, as illustrated musically from the end of the song, I felt that there was still hope and a way out for me.

Up For The Challenge then produces the sense of courage and determination – appropriate for my emotions around the end of the unit. I felt like I have begun to get the hang of Subjunctives and the topic of beauty and increasingly felt more prepared for the tests coming up.

Apocalypsis Aquarius finally provides a heroic feeling and a sense of courage – appropriate for how I felt during the tests. As I studied quite a bit for the tests, I was prepared and I felt that I was able to emit such readiness during the test and simply write my way through.


How did you feel during the learning experience? Why did you feel this way?

During the learning experience, I firstly felt a little overwhelmed by the unit topic and the idea of subjunctives. As things progressed a little faster than I expected, I tried harder than usual to fully gain the grasp of the unit. However, as I tried to find my way through the topic, I felt more and more confident and managed to puzzle the pieces together in order to fully understand and comprehend the topic. In the end, I felt triumphant and felt happy that I have managed to get through the unit in one piece.

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