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GCD – Community Engagement

Students make a consistent, sustained commitment to serving and developing connections with others.

Throughout my time as a student of YIS, I have had the privilege of serving the student body and the school community as a Student Council representative through Grade 10 through 12. As a Student Council member, I had contributed in organising many events, concerts and tackling student concerns and issues, both inside and outside of school time. As an individual who originally had little interest in the usual school events such as dances and concerts, the greatest driving force for my role in the student council was to bring to the student body new and innovative events that would be appealing to many different audiences and demographics even to those who would initially shy away from such events.

As a student who had transferred into YIS midway through Grade 9, I had been greatly lost in finding my place around the school. Naturally, there were times I felt a little distant to some members of the community and likewise, some members of the community seemed to have trouble approaching me. Gradually, I began to make new connections around the school, learn about new people, the systems around the school and the events organised by the student council. By Grade 10, I had built enough trust and connections to be elected as a student council representative and felt a sense of responsibility to return the trust to those who had believed in me.

With my new position as a student council representative, my first year as a student council mainly consisted of collecting ideas and concerns from the community and think about what we can possibly do to address them. A prevalent complaint among the community was the fact that many people could not quite relate or find much joy in the previously presented school events organised by the council. As someone who had felt the same about the rather mundane and generic events organised by the previous council, I had immediately decided to take action to address this matter.

(Preparing to set up for the Mario Kart Tournament)

In response to such comments and feedback, I felt the number one thing I could do to address the issues was to bring new and innovative ideas to current events and produce new events matching different tastes and interest. Upon pitching the idea to the president and the council, I was given the approval to organise an event that would later become a new staple event organised by the student council: the Mario Kart Tournament.

Coupled with my personal interest in gaming, the Mario Kart Tournament was an event that would invite a previously unaddressed group in our community. As mentioned earlier, I had initially found myself rather distanced to the events and the YIS community. In order to prevent the same line of thought among new students and respond to the feedback given by my peers, I felt that a Mario Kart Tournament would be a casual, fun and inviting event that would target both the casual community and the gaming community.

After the event, I was surrounded by many positive comments, with many individuals thanking me for organising a new event that people actually enjoyed. Upon hearing such comments, I felt a sense of accomplishment, being able to serve the community by providing what the people had wanted as well as connecting my personal experience of feeling distance between myself and the previous school events to conjure a new event that would negate such feelings in other individuals. Therefore, I believe that my contributions in student council have displayed a great sense of community engagement, as I was able to respond to the community’s demands and create an innovative event that would satisfy the community.

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