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GCD – Work Experience

Evidence of providing work of practical value in a professional setting and building skills in a specific trade or profession.

Ever since childhood, I had dreamt of becoming a hero. I had always admired the way certain professions dedicated their jobs and lives to help and save those in need. Personally, I had always idolised doctors for their intelligence, calmness and their kindness towards their patients. In order to take steps towards achieving my dream of becoming a doctor myself, I would often look up related articles on news regarding discoveries on a new medicine or surgical techniques, research any common first aid procedures in case of emergencies and even look around for possible experiences related to doctors. One of such experiences was an internship at a hospital that I had applied for over the summer and winter breaks.

(Certificates of completion of the Internship at Samsung Medical Center)

Over the breaks, I was given the opportunity to work as an intern at the Samsung Medical Center located in Seoul, introduced to me by my aunt – a doctor who used to work there. At first, I was extremely excited to partake in such internship, as it would take me one step closer to the job of my dreams and also due to the fact that I was assigned to be international branch of the hospital, meaning I would mostly be helping patients of foreign origins which would also mean that I would be able to demonstrate my multi-linguistic abilities to translate and communicate between Korean, English, Japanese and possibly Spanish.

However, when I first stepped foot in the international department, I realised upon hearing the instructions from the nurse in charge that I would not be partaking in any direct medical procedures. While I obviously expected partaking in surgeries and diagnosing patients by myself out of the question, I was a little shocked to realise that the internship did not include being a doctor’s direct assistant. Instead, I was mostly assigned as a translator and an escort for the international patients, being the mediating communicator between the Korean doctors and machines and the foreign patients.

Despite this, the internship was in every possible way valuable and still completely relevant to the dream I had been chasing since childhood. Although the scientific aspects of being a doctor (performing surgeries and prescribing medicine to the patients) have eluded me, I was able to fully engage in the more social aspect of being a doctor. By navigating the patients around the hospital, I was able to gain a greater insight into the different departments of a hospital and exactly what kind of procedures were present in such departments. In addition, for every patient I had guided around the hospital, I was able to fully engage with them, connect with them and even discuss why they have visited the hospital. Lastly, having the opportunity to be right there when the patients were being diagnosed was of great help to satiate my medical curiosity, as I was able to listen to the conversation between the doctor and the patient to understand exactly what kind of medical procedures the doctor had suggested.

Thus, through this internship, I believe that I have taken a step forward in my long dream to become a doctor. I was able to gain insight into the facilities of a hospital, connect with my patients and help them relax before their diagnosis and even listen to typical diagnostics from a doctor in greater detail.

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