GCD Intercultural Communication

To establish intercultural communication I decided to participate in Van Der Poel. Despite my inability to speak Japanese I joined this group to integrate myself into the local Japanese community as that is something that is perhaps quite challenging for a foreigner. Thus we held a christmas party. This party allowed for us to get together with children from all of the childrens homes as well as some of the elderly and plan, organize and enjoy a fun day of games, performances, presents and christmas activities. For me this was a great experience as I am a part of the communications team in Van der Poel, meaning that we take care of all of the advertising and fundraising that comes with Van der Poel. The christmas party was the culmination of all of the work that me and the communications team put in through creating posters, writing posts for the daily to be heard by the whole school and the fundraising at each of the tutor classes from elementary all the way up to grade 12. This was not only an effort for me to integrate myself into the local Japanese community but to also bring the Japanese community into YIS. All of this effort allowed for us to raise around ¥400,000 and contribute to a wonderful christmas party. This was such a great experience for me to be a part of as it allowed for me to see the joy that we are able to bring to people simply through donating not necessarily money but our time to initiate and plan something on such a large scale that has so many moving parts. This was especially enhanced through the communication skills that I was able to build among the community at YIS and the children and elderly of Van der Poel.

On the day of the christmas party I wished to extend my efforts to communicate across linguistic and cultural barriers. To do this I used the universal language of photography, at the party I was able to take photographs of the children for them to look at and enjoy, whilst posing for photos and even taking some of the photos themself. In doing this I was able to communicate across the linguistic and cultural barrier that was initially built between us, and to bridge this gap. This was such a valuable experience for me as I was able to communicate with members of the community that I otherwise would not be able to communicate effectively with.

I continued this intercultural communication that I had developed in Van Der Poel in school. This time I aimed to integrate myself not within the local Japanese community but with the local YIS community, I began teaching English to a child in grade 9 during my grade 11 year. This was a chance for me to extend my intercultural communication through a different medium, this time I was able to speak the language and was therefore aiming to bridge the gap between myself and others. The student that I was tutoring was initially not so strong in terms of his writing in English and therefore one of my teachers approached me asking if I could help him with this issue. This was a great opportunity for me to improve my communication abilities and was able to share my cultural understanding of language with someone else in the school who needed said help.


Through these two examples I have been able to establish intercultural communication in two different ways. One through photography where the language barrier was present and the other through my knowledge of my own language. Therefore I was able to display my commitment to bridging the gap across both linguistic and cultural barriers.

GCD – Community Engagement

Community Engagement

I spent a year in Van Der Poel, a group that helps in providing opportunities for disadvantaged children. In this time I was able to make a sustained commitment to integrating myself into the local Yokohama community that is often especially difficult since I do not speak Japanese. As a member of Van Der Poel one of the main events of the year is the annual christmas party. This party allows for us to get together with children from all of the childrens homes as well as some of the elderly and plan, organize and enjoy a fun day of games, performances, presents and christmas activities. For me this was a great experience as I am a part of the communications team in Van der Poel, meaning that we take care of all of the advertising and fundraising that comes with Van der Poel. The christmas party was the culmination of all of the work that me and the communications team put in through creating posters, writing posts for the daily to be heard by the whole school and the fundraising at each of the tutor classes from elementary all the way up to grade 12. All of this effort allowed for us to raise around ¥400,000 and contribute to a wonderful christmas party. This was such a great experience for me to be a part of as it allowed for me to see the joy that we are able to bring to people simply through donating not necessarily money but our time to initiate and plan something on such a large scale that has so many moving parts. This is one of the greatest benefits of the Van der Poel christmas party, that we are able to create something so successful because of the sheer number of people that are willing to get involved, from the people donating money to the teachers helping to organize it all everyone helps and contributes to such a wonderful event. My role was to take pictures of the event and of the children themselves for documentation, this allowed me to engage in the community not through language but through means that everyone is able to understand, photography.

However it was not only the Yokohama community that I was looking to become an engaged part of but also the school community. In order to do this I used my passion for MUN, to engage myself in the community but to also engage the community in MUN. In order to do this we advertised at the school activity fair, we pushed hard for people to join MUN so that we could have an influence upon the community and make connections between the whole of high school. Due to these efforts the numbers in MUN skyrocketed, from 20 people to 80 people and thus a large proportion of the high school was engaged in a community that we had worked so hard to create.

GCD – Global Understanding

Global Understanding

One of my greatest passions in school other than my academics is model united nations, over the course of the three years that I have seen in MUN I have begun to develop a comprehensive understanding of the globe and interactions between people. In this time I have also been able to develop my own opinion on the basis of countries that I have been representing. Since I have dedicated so much time to MUN this has certainly contributed to a global understanding encompassing the interaction of power/privilege and economics, ethics, politics, religion and environment between different countries.

In order to do this I attended a number of conferences, with the most significant of these being the annual IASAS (Interscholastic Association of Southeast Asian Schools) MUN conference which I was able to attend on two occasions, in grade 10 and grade 11. The first time attended the conference was held in Taiwan and in grade 11 it was held in Thailand at the official UN conferences centre in Bangkok. In these experiences I was not only able to develop an understanding of the countries that I was representing for MUN at the time but was also able to get some insight into cultural aspects of the countries that I was staying in. This was especially true in Taiwan as we spent the three days homestaying with a Taiwanese family where I learnt all about Taiwanese culture, as well as the western influence on Taiwan. For the Taiwan conference I was representing South Africa whilst for the conference in Bangkok I was representing Hungary. Although I initially just randomly chose these two countries, their completely opposing views really allowed me to more holistically understand the world that we live in today. When representing South Africa I was a part of the WHO (World Health Organisation) where we debated about current global issues at the time, including the zika virus and antimicrobial resistance. I came to realise in this time that the views of South Africa were very conservative due to its position as one of the most developed countries in Africa threatened by the zika virus that was aiming to give a helping hand to other African countries due to its environmental position. But I was also able to hear the opinions of nearly a hundred different countries which allowed me to see how the economic and political climate in a country impacted their opinions and also get an idea of interactions between countries. A prime example of this was with the delegation of Chinese Taipei was denied voting rights by the delegation of China, in seeing this interaction I realised the power that China possessed due to its economic, political and environmental situation.

However I had quite a different experience at IASAS in grade 11 where I was representing Hungary, that turned out to possess the complete opposite views to South Africa being extremely controversial. In this I was able to examine their differences in opinion and then evaluate and develop my own opinion on global issues, developing a global understanding. At this conference as a delegate of Hungary we also further discussed the use of unilateral coercive measures and gender equality in the work place. All of these issues have strong global significance and I was so glad to be able to discuss, debate and learn about these issues. Throughout my time at IASAS debating these issues I was able to develop a strong opinion on these issues especially since I was able to represent Hungary which was a country that had an opposing opinion to me. Being able to research the Hungarian views on these topics I was able to develop an opinion of my own whilst remaining a delegate of Hungary. This perhaps may have been one of the challenges for me during this conference, being able to convincingly represent a country that has such opposing views to mine. This allowed me to develop not only an understanding of differing views that are present across the world but also allowed me to develop collaboration skills with those who were representing countries that had similar views to that of mine.

Thus through my experiences in MUN I have encountered so many difference points of view from so many different countries and have been able to realise that it is an understanding of all the factors that compose a country that contribute to a true global understanding.

GCD – Personal Goal

Personal Goal

As a child I never truly realised the impact technology had on our world, from iPhones to MacBooks we often think solely of electronic devices that evolved in the past few decades, however if we explore deeper there’s a whole other world of technology. New research and technology is changing the way we treat life threatening diseases such as diabetes. Unfortunately this is often overlooked, this ignorance inspired me to find a solution to this problem leading me to my goal, to educate younger students on how the recent rise in diabetes has led to advancements in technology that have changed the way we treat diabetes. I hoped in the end to formulate an interactive presentation focusing on this topic that I could present to a grade 7 audience including elements such as questions, quizzes and awards to create a fun, memorable and educational experience.

Over the course of the project I identified the highly challenging aspects to my goal that made it appropriate for me. Primarily research was a challenge that I looked to overcome, as the majority of information that I was searching for was very recent and there was often a lack of information on pieces of technology because of their novelty. This was exemplified when researching, GlucoWise, with which there was a limited amount of information. Nevertheless I persevered and was able to find an interview by Clara Rodriguez Fernandez with the Co-Founder of Glucowise which then gave me the information required. The most challenging part of this was my lack of prior experience with teaching younger students especially on such a complex topic. This not only challenged my use of creative thinking skills but also my critical and transfer thinking skills, I had to adapt some information and alter the way I presented the information which  I created an infographic so the students were able to comprehend the information in a visual format. With this infographic I got the students involved and co ordinated a small activity in which the students as a group made a representation of the statistics presented.

Prior to the personal project I had little exposure to creating a presentation that aligned with the challenging specifications that I had set out for my presentation. Yet I possessed the skills to perform a high quality presentation and speech in front of a large group of people due to my previous experiences with public speaking through school activities such as MUN. These skills I had learned in MUN I built upon throughout my project, one specific instance in which my experiences in MUN changed my personal project was with my talk, I decided against the use of a script to make the talk feel more natural.

The next step was to plan my presentation, to finally display the knowledge that I had acquired. This required extreme planning and self management skills, this was where my action plan came into play. The format I chose was a digital timeline, this was the best way of displaying my action plan as I had a visual representation of my progress as shown in. My action plan developed over time becoming more complex with deadlines that I needed to add and meet, this was where the timeline format I chose became helpful, everything was adjustable so I could reflect on missed deadlines and alter my action plan. This didn’t happen often however there was one occasion where my self management skills slipped, I was unable to arrange a meeting with my mentor due to my MUN trip. Fortunately I learned from this and was able to see the remainder of my deadlines.

My action plan became my calendar and when completing the research stage it was vital. This was because I knew that there was a firm deadline for the completion of my research and annotated bibliography, in addition to those dates I set my own deadlines and arranged times which aligned with the deadlines that were set in stone as shown in my action plan in. When it came to my product my action plan did become extremely important, holding everything together. My plans changed as I communicated with teachers arranging times that I would see them. This tested my self management skills specifically my organisation and collaboration skills as at one point I was in communication with 4 or 5 different teachers at once, I had to organise a meeting with Ms Clifford to talk about my presentation one day, next day I was talking to Ms Winslade about the possibility of presenting to her class, then I had a mentor meeting. Yet no matter how busy I got my action plan was there to keep me organised.

In the end I was able to achieve my goal and I deemed it to be successful, in achieving this I realised that I was able to plan systematically, act, reflect and adapt in its pursuit. Upon reflection I was able to identify areas in which my goal could’ve been improved. I received specific feedback from the grade 7s through a survey, allowing me to identify the strengths and weaknesses of my product. Firstly the weaknesses, one of these being the speed and clarity of my speaking, there were a few comments mentioning that I was talking to fast. This was problematic as the information presented was new and complicated for the students. Another weakness with my product came during the presentation as the sound stopped working. This was a crucial part to my presentation and when it stopped working I had to stay calm and persevere not letting the bumps stop me from achieving my full potential. So that is what I did and I managed to fix the problem.These are two possible areas for improvement in terms of my final product.

Réfléchir sur le tourisme et les voyages…

1. Pourquoi aimons-nous partir en vacances?

A mon avis nous aimons partir en vacances parce que c’est une opportunité de faire des different choses et aussi c’est pour découvrir des nouvelles pays et cultures. Relaxation. C’est

2. Quelle est la difference entre le tourisme et les vacances?

Personnellement je pense que quelquefois le tourisme a une connotation negative, surtout pour les gens qui habitent dans un endroit ou il y a beaucoup de touristes. Cependant ce n’est pas nécessaire d’être une touriste quand vous allez en vacances, pendant les vacances on peut relaxer est il n’y a pas une necessité d’aller n’importe où.

3. Lesquels de ces pays avez-vous visités? Quel était le but de votre visite, pour chacun de ces pays?

France, États-Unis, Espagne, Italie, Royaume-Uni, Malaisie, Hong Kong, Thaïlande, Macao, Allemagne

France Quand j’étais petit et quand j’ai habité en Angleterre je suis allé en France avec ma famille pour aller au Disneyland Paris.

Thaïlande Je suis allé en vacances en Thaïlande, en general je suis allé a beaucoup des plages.

4. Quelle a été votre experience de ces pays? Avez-vous l’intention d’y retourner?

Pour les deux, sans doute j’ai l’intention d’y retourner. Particulièrement en France parce que j’ai visité seulement France quand j’étais petit alors je pense que si je vais visité France maintenant je vais faire des choses différentes que j’ai fait quand j’étais petit.

5. Pourquoi ces pays sont-ils particulièrement prisés des touristes?

D’abord Thaïlande a des beaux plages, et un climat tropical alors c’est vraiment attractive pour les touristes. France c’est un peu different parce que il y a des plages mais il y a aussi des choses historiques par exemple des èglises et aussi des monuments. De plus c’est une rêve pour beaucoup de personnes de visiter Paris.

6. Quelle est la valeur du tourisme pour l’économie d’un pays ou d’un continent?

Le tourisme c’est vraiment beneficial pour l’économie d’un pays parce qu’il y a des touristes qui veulent dépenser de l’argent et acheter des souvenirs et des cartes postales. En general avec le tourisme vient de l’argent, il y a aussi un possibilité que si une touriste aime un endroit qu’elle va retourné.

7. Quelle est la valeur des visites à l’étranger pour l’education/le moral du voyageur?

La valeur c’est d’education culturel.

8. Que pensez-vous des publicités des stations touristiques à la télé et des dépliants touristiques que vous voyez dans les agences de voyage?

Je pense que c’est une bonne idée pour les agences de voyage et des stations touristiques d’avoir des choses comme ça parce qu’ils vous donnent une idée d’ou vous voulez aller pendant votre vacances.

La Monoparentalité

Aujourd’hui en France une famille sur cinq est monoparentale. Depuis quelques années en France la monoparentalité a augmenté et alors son visage a evolué. Vers 1970 on a vu pour le premiere fois des familles monoparentale, et quelques années plus tard le nombre de ces familles a double. Ensuite six ans plus tard le gouvernement a creé l’allocation pour parent isolé pour aider des familles avec un seul parent. C’était en 2008 qu’on a appris que les familles monoparentales sont 2,5 fois plus nombreuses qu’il y avait quarante ans. Et ensuite on connait maintenant que plus souvent qu’autrement la mère dest à la tete de famille monoparentale mais en general elle ne travaille pas à temps plein a cause des risques accrus de pauvreté et de precarité sociale.

La diversité des familles monoparentales est vraiment en hausse parce que les causes de la monoparentalité aujourd’hui sont different que celles dans les années soixante. Par exemple les nombres des veuves et veufs n’a cessé de diminuer en outre des parens séparés et divorcés. Et il y a aussi des autres differences dans les années soixante-dix les parents laissés seuls après leur conjoint mais aujourd’hui il y a plus en plus de separation et des divorces. Alors de temps en temps le monoparentalité est choisi par les parents.

Les Divorces: Grand Bretagne vs France

Les divorces ont venu plus en plus frequent depuis 1972, surtout en France, le nombre des divorces augmente par plus de 100,000 depuis 1972. Mais c’est vraiment l’opposé en Grand Bretagne parce que nous avons vu une diminution de vers 11,000 de 2004 a 2005. Cependant en general les chiffres de la Grand Bretagne sont pareils a ceux de France avec vers 150,000 divorces dans l’année de 2005. Ça c’est vraiment une surprise surtout quand on regarde les chiffres de 1972, en France seulement 44,738 divorces malheureusement en Grand Bretagne il y avait 119,025 dans cette meme année. Ces chiffres des divorces sont extraordinaire en France il y avait une augmentation de plus de 200% depuis 1972 cependant en Grand Bretagne pendant le meme période il y avait un augmentation de seulement 19%. Ensuite il y a aussi des autres chiffres qu’on doit regarder, en France dans 83% des cas la garde des enfants est confiée à la mère mais en Grand Bretagne les chiffres sont plus élevés que ceux de France à 87%.

En conclusion c’est vrai que il y a des chiffres qui sont plus élevés en Grand Bretagne mais on peut dit le meme pour le France. Alors en general les chiffres des divorces en France sont semblables à ceux d’en Grand Bretagne. 

Mon Journal Intime

Cher journal,

Je n’en reviens toujours pas, mon petit frère, il m’enquiquine!! Voici l’histoire, le lundi j’ai fait mes devoirs quand il est entré dans ma chambre. C’était lundi, et tu sais que tout le monde détestent le lundi surtout quand j’ai les devoirs, de toute façon il est entré ce qui me donne le sentiment de ras-le bol. Alors j’ai lui dit, “quitte ma chambre s’il te plaît, je viens pour jouer quand j’ai fini mes devoirs.”, et mon journal j’ai pensé que ça était le fin, mais non, non, non, non c’est mon frère, c’était seulement le debut de la situation. Il me viens et il me crie “JOUES AVEC MOI, MAINTENANT.”, je ne savais quoi faire, mais je n’avais pas faire des choses incorrect, tu connais ça mon cher journal, oui? Ensuite j’ai lui dit encore “quand j’ai fini mes devoirs.”, j’ai de raison, non? Mais non, selon mon frère je suis un idiot. Alors, ensuite tu ne vas pas le croire, il a prend mes devoirs et il a jeté mes devoirs dans ma chambre. J’etais furieux, mais je n’avais faire pas des choses. Dit a moi mon cher journal, qu’est-ce que je ferais? J’aime mon frère mais de temps en temps il est vraiment ennuyeux, journal chéri tu crois que c’est comme ça pour tous les gens avec des frères? Aide-moi s’il vous plait.

A demain

Bon nuit.

La Notion de Famille

Le Blog de Garel

La notion de famille pour moi est vraiment simple. Je pense que c’est tres important a aider tous les autres dans sa famille. On doit aussi aimer et avoir d’assurance que les autres sont toujours la quand c’est necessaire. Alors a mon avis c’est une notion universelle parce c’est la notion de famille qui aider a s’entender bien. Ensuite je crois que l’importance de la famille et de la vie familiale c’est pour toujours s’amuser, souvent on doit oublier que pendant notre vie le plus important est de s’amuser et faire des choses que nous aimons. Avec la famille nous pouvions faire ces choses.


Pour vivre en harmonie avec sa famille il faut penser que sa famille sont vos amis, et si tu pense comme ça alors il faut vivre en harmonie avec sa famille. Ensuite si tu vis en harmonie avec sa famille vos parents vous laissent plus d’independence. Pour moi j’ai un frère aîné alors mes parents me laissent plus d’independence que lui parce qu’ils savent à quoi m’attend. Cependant aussi je ne sais exactement les avantages et inconvénients d’être enfant unique mais j’ai une idée. Premièrement un inconvénient, il n’y a des autres de jouer avec et faire des choses avec alors c’est peut-être nul. Cependant un avantage c’est que un enfant unique il ne faut pas partager des choses avec des autres gens.


Ensuite chez nous il y a des disputes de temps en temps, en general c’est parce que mon petit frere et soeur ont un désaccord. Souvent c’est au sujet de la tele parce que mon frere veut regarder des autres choses sur la tele que ma soeur.


Une famille monoparentale c’est une famille avec seulement un parent par exemple il y a une seule mere. Cependant c’est pas essential qu’il y ait deux parents, il y a seulement un chose qui est important est ça c’est amour.


Je pense que le mariage est populaire aujourd’hui, mais c’est moins populaire que dans le passé. A mon avis il y a seulement une raison pour se marier est ça c’est parce que tu aime le person qui tu veux se marier. C’est aussi importante qu’il doit être prêt à passer votre vie avec lui.


Finalement éventuellement quand je serais un parent assez strict mais aussi libéral quand c’est necessaire. Je pense que c’est important d’être sévère mais juste pour aider les enfants à apprendre des choses. Je doit essayais etre trés impliqué même si j’ai des travails.

Ma vie pendant le IB

Je me presente…

Le Blog de Garel Davies

Mercredi 6 septembre 2017

Bonjour a tous les gens sur l’internet! Je m’appelle Garel Davies est voici mon blog. Je suis un adolescent qui veut partager son histoire avec l’internet. Je suis né en Angleterre mais depuis trois ans je vais a l’ecole au Japon a ‘Yokohama International School’. Cependant, l’ecole est nul, je sais que tu veux connaitre qui je suis. Alors pendant mes passe temps j’aime faire du sport par exemple je joue au basket, au tennis mais ma sport prefere c’est le foot et je pense que ça c’est un de mes talents. Autre de sport je fais des autres choses, a l’ecole j’aime les sciences naturelle surtout le chimie. Ma maison c’est vraiment occupé parce qu’il y a six personnes, ma mere, mon pere, ma soeur et mes deux freres, c’est fou mais aussi tres amusant!

UGH!! Le Baccalauréat International

En ce moment a l’ecole je fais mon Baccalauréat International parce que l’IB a un reputation mondiale. Je sais que peut-etre le Baccalauréat International est difficile mais il y a beaucoup d’avantages aussi, par exemple beaucoup d’universities aime le Baccalauréat et aussi on doit faire six sujets dans le baccalauréat plutôt que trois sujets. C’est magnifique!!!


J’aime cet article


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