Chapitre 6 – Mise en Train

Activite 1

  1. Ils sont allés a la chateau de chenonceau
  2. Ils ont pris le car
  3. Ils ont lu un guide
  4. Ils se promenent
  5. Hector a disparu

Activite 2

  1. Bruno
  2. Hector, Celine and Virginie
  3. Virginie
  4. Celine
  5. Celine et Virginie
  6. Hector
  7. Celine et Virginie

Activite 3

  1. Visiter
  2. Magnifique
  3. a achete
  4. est parti
  5. est arrives
  6. des velos
  7. a remarque
  8. a cherche

Activite 4

  1. C’était comment? Ça t’a plu?
  2. Quelle aventure, je te dis!
  3. Je ne te crois pas.

Activite 5

A mon avis je pense que Hector est alle pour explorer le chateau et alors il a oublie ton amies. Alors si j’etais Celine et Virginie j’irais trouver membre du personnel.

Chapitre 5 – Mise en Train

  1. Elle n’est pas content parce que c’est pas ta jour
  2. Elle se leve plus tard, elle a rate le bus et elle a oublier ses devoirs
  3. Il a dit “Ce n’est pas dramatique. Moi aussi, j’oublie mes devoirs quelquefois.”
  4. Elle va se coucher
D’abord son réveil n’a pas sonné. Ensuite elle a raté son bus. Et puis 

elle est arrivée à l’école en retard. Après ça elle n’avait pas ses devoirs. Et puis elle a eu dix a son interro de maths. Finalement Hector a renverse son verre sur sa jupe.
  1. Hector apologizes. = Désolé.
  2. Céline makes light of an accident. = C’est pas grave
  3. Hector wants to know what happened to Céline. = Raconte!
  4. Céline complains about her bad day. = Tout a été de traverse
  5. Céline is annoyed. = Ça m’énerve!
  6. Hector consoles Céline. = Ca va aller mieux
Je me suis réveillé(e) en retard. = Ça m’arrive aussi
J’ai couru pour attraper le bus. = Ça ne risque pas de m’arriver parce que je ne prends pas le bus
Je suis arrivé(e) à l’école en retard.= Ça m’arrive aussi
J’oublie mes devoirs quelquefois. = Ça m’arrive aussi
D’abord j’ai arrive a l’ecole plus tard parce je ne me reveille pas car j’avais une grande projet pour l’ecole et alors j’ai dormir tres tard a minuit. Ensuite parce j’ai une grande projet pour l’histoire geo je n’ai faire pas mes devoirs pour le français. Et puis je ne mange pas de mon dejeuner parce que je vais faire mes devoirs pendant le recess. Apres ca j’etais tres fatigue pendant la journée parce que j’ai passe trop de temps a faire mes devoirs. Tout a été de traverse.

PSHE GCD Fit For Life Post

This year I have learnt a lot, not only in PSHE but in other classes as well and also outside of school. First of all one of the things that I have learnt is how important it is to be able to be a good listener. The reason for this is that it is something that a lot of people don’t really know how to do. The reason for this is that often if someone doesn’t know how to listen and other people around them do not either it is often hard for people to learn how they are supposed to listen properly to other people.

Drama Journal 8

For the past few weeks in drama we have mostly been looking at the concept of realism, an idea that was developed by Constantin Stanislavski, this idea  was a general movement that began in the 19th-century theatre, around the 1870s, and remained present through much of the 20th century. It developed a set of dramatic and theatrical conventions with the aim of bringing a greater fidelity of real life to texts and performances. We studied this through many different techniques and looked at other examples of realism that would enhance our understanding of the concept.

Throughout these weeks we focused on varying different aspects of realism to develop our understanding, one of which that stood out the most to me was the bench exercise. This task was very simple yet effective as we had to sit on a bench as if we were waiting for a bus and then be observed, we then developed this task by adding more complex ideas and adding other actors into the scene. These actors added had a main goal in their mind, this was an idea of Stanislavski’s which we used in this scene. Some of these goals included wanting to be seated next to the main actor and they had to do whatever they could to sit next to the main actor. This allowed us to understand the concept of characters main goals and other sub goals that they may have in the scene and play overall.

Realism is very important in trying to create realistic characters and I think will help us in our end of year play, Z Intruders as we need to be able to create realistic characters, for example zombies. This study of Stanislavski will allow us to understand not only our characters but also the characters that surround us on the stage which will ultimately allow us to understand all of the characters and the story so much better.

Romeo – On the Hunt: 10 Amazing Facts You Will Never Believe About Romeo Montague!!!!!

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 3.48.26 PM

Romeo Montague, has become a huge name in the news recently with his love antics and mischief here at IBC we have found the opportunity to interview this young man. After being banished from fair Verona he is now on the hunt for his beloved Juliet after he heard from his good friend Balthasar that Juliet is dead.  Will Romeo prevail and save his lover or will he be left holding the dead corpse of his love in his arms. 

Q. How did the whole thing between the Montague’s and Capulet’s start?

I honestly don’t know the entire story, although what I do know is the feud began years and years ago before any of us alive now were born. It is almost instinctual as a Montague I was born to hate the Capulets and yet now I feel as though all my hatred for the Capulet family is gone.

Q. Did you ever feel hatred towards the Capulet family?

Yes I did, just like every other Montague that has ever lived. My father taught me the ways of the Montague family as I grew older around the whole Montague family all I ever really knew was hate, love never really came into the equation until I got older and I realized that I didn’t need to follow everyone else, that I could create my own future.

Q. Why did you feel as though you could go against your family’s and friend’s belief’s for Juliet?

It just felt right, as I said before all I ever knew was hate towards the Capulets and yet when I saw Juliet everything changed. I felt like for the first time it didn’t matter about what everyone else thought about me and Juliet together because for me and for her it was right.

Q. Why did you kill Tybalt?

Honestly it was all in the spur of the moment, after I saw my dear friend Mercutio slaughtered by Tybalt my emotions got the best of me. I tried to reason with him but he was having none of it and continuously tormented Mercutio until he reached the breaking point, after that all I really remember was a wounded Mercutio stumbling away.

Q. Do you feel regret after killing Tybalt and Were you Worried about What Juliet would say?

Of Course I did feel regret however more than that I wasn’t so sure of what Juliet’s reaction would be, although as soon as I saw her I realized that she would forgive me for killing her cousin. With that being said I don’t think I will ever truly forgive myself for the grave mistake I have made.

Q. How did you manage to so easily get over your love for Rosaline?

It just felt like Juliet was the one for me, I had been hung up on Rosaline for such a long time and I though that I would never get over her yet Juliet allowed me to realize that there are other fish in the sea and that I don’t have to settle for just one girl.

Q. Do you hope to tell your friends and family about your relationship with Juliet?

Of course that is my ultimate goal for my family and Juliet’s family to realize that there no longer needs to be all of this conflict. That me and Juliet can help to solve the problems that both our families face regarding each other. Hopefully in the end we will be able to rectify the conflict not just for the future generations but for me, for us, for our relationship.

Q. What do you think their reaction would be?

I don’t know and to be honest I wouldn’t really care, after realizing what I can achieve in my life I have come to know that I can do whatever I want to if I just commit to it and therefore of course I plan to tell my parents and family about our relationship however no matter what they say I feel like it will never break down our relationship.

Q.Do you have any advice for people out there looking for love?

My only advice would be to follow your path in life and wherever it takes you, that is where you are supposed to be.




Drama Model Box Set Evaluation

12992253_1743099979259388_1135464085_n 12992896_1743099972592722_1302710993_n

Shown above are two images showing the final design of our model boxset and my original design idea. As you can see they are two very similar ideas with both of them having a table with a sofa surrounding the table. The reason for this is that we felt as though this layout made the room feel more open immersing the audience more into the play and the characters feelings. We used wood as the floor and the walls as this was one of the mostly used materials for building in those times as it was easily accessible and really one of the only materials they could have used. However we made some changes to the design as we made the table rectangular rather than round. The reasoning behind this decision was to add a modern feel to the set whilst still keeping the surrounding furniture and materials more in the actual time period of the piece. This would make the audience have more of a connection with the piece.

In terms of design principles we tried to keep the stage design balanced by having the sofa on one side, the chairs in the middle and then the clock on the right hand side of the stage. This balanced out the design of the stage so then it doesn’t feel weird for the audience looking at the clock and the sofa all on one side with one empty side. Another element of the design principles that we used for our stage design was repetition as we used the same design for every chair that was surrounding the table. This was to keep a certain level of consistency on the stage during the performance. Also the contrast of the dark wood and the light chairs and lamp, provides a more modern feel to the scene also.

We tried to incorporate as many elements of the play into our stage as we could, by incorporating all of the main and important ideas of the play. We put the table, the clock, the chairs and the sofa for the grandfather. We made it so most of the stage is easily accessible for the characters to move around freely, although a lot of this play is based around the table. This is why we put the table in the centre of the stage as it is where almost everything happens. We then decided to put the clock in the up right of the stage as we felt as though it wasn’t an extremely important part of the play. Another thing that we did was we put a bay window on the mid right of the stage and the door at the up left. This was to give the play a different feel as the light would then come through the bay window on the right as opposed to from the right of the stage.

This piece I feel as though it is made to feel kind of creepy, that is part of the reason as to why we chose a darker wooden pattern as this makes the room feel more creepy and kind of dark. With this dark this would also make the light coming through the window have a lot more of an effect on the audience and the characters as it would be a lot more stand out when the light shone through the window. We also used more visual elements such as line as we aligned the lamp with the end of the table to make the stage feel more symmetrical however we did not align the clock with anything to give a feeling of irregularity, making the audience have the suspicion that something may be wrong.

Le Comte de Monte-Cristo

Activité 1







Activitè 2

1.L’autre capitaine est mort.



4.Il est inquiet en regardant son bateau

5.Parce qu’il y avait un indication du quelqu’un qui etait mourir.

Activité 3

Cad. 1.a,d,

Dan. 2.b,c,e

Fer. 3.

Activité 4







Drama Journal 7

Over the past week in Drama we had Neil Farrelly from Nose to Nose come in and do a drama performance with us. We had a couple of lessons in order to create a complete short piece of drama that was based around the topic of “what’s up”. Each group in the class had a different style of drama, my group decided to do a musical piece as it was something different that no one in our class had ever done before and so we thought that it would be nice to try something new.

In class as we didn’t have much time we decided to get straight to it as we didn’t have much time and we really wanted to perfect the piece by not making it to complicated but instead making a simple concept that was effective at the same time. Not only this but as I said before the concept that we had was something very new that I had never seen before. What we decided to do was create a piece that was based around music. The idea that we had was that we would make a school scene that had all the stereotypical characters from school. We had the cool guy, the nerd etc. for each of these people we composed a piece of music that suited that person, and then that was there introduction to the scene. This was how our piece related to what’s up as every time a new character walked in they said what’s up to the teacher, although this is very simple I thought that it was a very effective way of portraying the theme of the piece.

Overall although we didn’t have so much time I think that our performance went well because of the fact that we kept it simple. Which is where I think some of the other groups fell down was the fact that they tried to do some more complex scenes in only a couple of lessons which lead to some organisation issues. However overall for the time period that we had it went as well as it could’ve done as everyone knew exactly what they were doing and when. In terms of connections I think that this performance in my opinion was almost something completely knew, for me especially as I don’t really ever get that involved in music so I thought that it was good to try it out. Not only that but some of the people in my group I had never worked with before and so I think that it was definitely a good experience for me to work with other people.

Stockmarket Questions



Volkswagen as many people know ended up in the middle of a huge drop in stock prices as the volkswagen emissions scandal emerged. This scandal had a huge impact on volkswagen decreasing their stock price from around $226 per share to a total of only $80. This scandal was all about emissions, volkswagen effectively cheated the test by using a “defeat device” that detected when the cars were being tested for emissions and then changed the performance of the car.


Facebook had almost a 10% decrease in stock price as the price went down from $108 to around $98 and ended up losing me around $10,000 in total. However there is good reason for this decrease in facebook share prices, facebook recently introduced a new feature to their extremely popular social media site they called reactions. This works as there is now 6 new emojis for people to express their feelings about a facebook post. These emojis are – Like, Love, Surprise, Anger, Funny and Sadness. These new emojis proved to be not so popular for the facebook community, as people feel as though it is unnecessary and unclear what to be used for. Although facebook have used this reaction button to steer away from the creation of a dislike button many people now use this as a variation of the dislike button as the clarity of the meaning of the buttons is unclear to many.

Long Run and Short Run

Hershey’s – Good Short Run

I personally invested in Hershey’s on the basis of the fact that easter is arriving soon meaning that there will be an increase in demand for chocolate. This also means that hershey’s may potentially release a new range of easter chocolate’s for people to purchase chocolate. This is why I personally feel as though there may be a large increase in hershey’s stock price in the near future.

Facebook – Fail Short Run

Facebook recently introduced a new feature to their extremely popular social media site they called reactions. This works as there is now 6 new emojis for people to express their feelings about a facebook post. These emojis are – Like, Love, Surprise, Anger, Funny and Sadness. These new emojis proved to be not so popular for the Facebook community, as people feel as though it is unnecessary and unclear what to be used for.

Apple – Good Long Run

Apple are known for frequently releasing new products, this means that apple is a very reliable long term investment as they have worked their way into the technological world and have become the leaders. This means that people will always buy their products and new products meaning that we can expect to see a rise or a spike in the stock prices.