Romeo – On the Hunt: 10 Amazing Facts You Will Never Believe About Romeo Montague!!!!!

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Romeo Montague, has become a huge name in the news recently with his love antics and mischief here at IBC we have found the opportunity to interview this young man. After being banished from fair Verona he is now on the hunt for his beloved Juliet after he heard from his good friend Balthasar that Juliet is dead.  Will Romeo prevail and save his lover or will he be left holding the dead corpse of his love in his arms. 

Q. How did the whole thing between the Montague’s and Capulet’s start?

I honestly don’t know the entire story, although what I do know is the feud began years and years ago before any of us alive now were born. It is almost instinctual as a Montague I was born to hate the Capulets and yet now I feel as though all my hatred for the Capulet family is gone.

Q. Did you ever feel hatred towards the Capulet family?

Yes I did, just like every other Montague that has ever lived. My father taught me the ways of the Montague family as I grew older around the whole Montague family all I ever really knew was hate, love never really came into the equation until I got older and I realized that I didn’t need to follow everyone else, that I could create my own future.

Q. Why did you feel as though you could go against your family’s and friend’s belief’s for Juliet?

It just felt right, as I said before all I ever knew was hate towards the Capulets and yet when I saw Juliet everything changed. I felt like for the first time it didn’t matter about what everyone else thought about me and Juliet together because for me and for her it was right.

Q. Why did you kill Tybalt?

Honestly it was all in the spur of the moment, after I saw my dear friend Mercutio slaughtered by Tybalt my emotions got the best of me. I tried to reason with him but he was having none of it and continuously tormented Mercutio until he reached the breaking point, after that all I really remember was a wounded Mercutio stumbling away.

Q. Do you feel regret after killing Tybalt and Were you Worried about What Juliet would say?

Of Course I did feel regret however more than that I wasn’t so sure of what Juliet’s reaction would be, although as soon as I saw her I realized that she would forgive me for killing her cousin. With that being said I don’t think I will ever truly forgive myself for the grave mistake I have made.

Q. How did you manage to so easily get over your love for Rosaline?

It just felt like Juliet was the one for me, I had been hung up on Rosaline for such a long time and I though that I would never get over her yet Juliet allowed me to realize that there are other fish in the sea and that I don’t have to settle for just one girl.

Q. Do you hope to tell your friends and family about your relationship with Juliet?

Of course that is my ultimate goal for my family and Juliet’s family to realize that there no longer needs to be all of this conflict. That me and Juliet can help to solve the problems that both our families face regarding each other. Hopefully in the end we will be able to rectify the conflict not just for the future generations but for me, for us, for our relationship.

Q. What do you think their reaction would be?

I don’t know and to be honest I wouldn’t really care, after realizing what I can achieve in my life I have come to know that I can do whatever I want to if I just commit to it and therefore of course I plan to tell my parents and family about our relationship however no matter what they say I feel like it will never break down our relationship.

Q.Do you have any advice for people out there looking for love?

My only advice would be to follow your path in life and wherever it takes you, that is where you are supposed to be.




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