Hiroshima Expeditions Reflection

unnamed-3 unnamed-4Initially, I wanted to go to Hiroshima for field studies because I wanted to gain further knowledge on the atomic bombing and travel the beautiful city. I learnt a lot about my own culture, the atomic bombing and Japanese history.

On our first night in the city we got to talk to a woman that had went through the bombing when she was just 6 years old. Listening to her terrifying stories made me feel incredibly helpless, sad and made me imagine exactly how terrible that time must have been for multiple families. She talked about how the black ash covered her face and at the moment the bomb hit, she couldn’t taste, hear, or see anything.

On our third day there, we got to see the genbaku dome which was an agriculture building before the bombing. It’s one of the only buildings that was able to somewhat stay up when the bombing occurred. It was very interesting seeing it because I had no idea exactly how terrible the situation was until seeing something that went through it with my own eyes . Imagining the burning building and thousands of dead bodies that were in the river scared.

That same day, we got to visit the genbaku dome museum. The last exhibit at the museum was a photo of president Obama who had recently visited Hiroshima. Next to the photo was a crane that he had folded himself and gave to the children of Hiroshima. It made me realise that even after a dark time, peace can wake from the ashes. I’m also half Japanese and half American so learning more about the battling that occurred between my two countries made me feel more interesting in learning more.






GCD fit for life

Things I’ve learnt this year (Grade 9 2016)…

  1. Challenge yourself to do new things but don’t overwhelm yourself by doing so
    – At one point during the first couple days of 9th grade I signed up for a lot of activities and had one every single day of the week. I changed this but I think it’s important that even later in life I know when i should hold back. Of course it’s important to get out of your comfort zone but at some point it can be a little too much. 
  2. Realising you’re struggling with something/having a problem is the first step to fixing it
    -From something as small as not getting enough sleep to something like having panic attacks frequently, making any change and realising you need help is very important. Especially in the future as adults I think I should remember this. 

  3. People change and it’s okay
    -Going into high school you see a lot of your friends grow and adapt new hobbies. It’s overwhelming at first because perhaps you haven’t changed as much but everyone does and you shouldn’t neglect them for that. 

  4. Overreacting and over thinking certain situations doesn’t help
    -Waking up and remembering you have a huge exam is always a scary thought. Nonetheless, it’s never as bad as you think it might be. This can be demonstrated in everyday life in many situations not just when it comes to school.





Q&A : Count Paris on rumours about Juliet’s new lover!!

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 12.29.02 AM

The Capulet family ball was less than a week ago and love is in the atmosphere for the city of Verona – but is it for young and handsome Count Paris? The dashing gentlemen was seen entering the masquerade party with a smile on his face, prepared to woo his fiancée, Juliet. Juliet on the other hand, was seen that same night running off with a masked polished man. Who is said to be a Montague. Who is Juliet’s new friend and what does Paris think about him.

Question : According to the woman of Verona, you are quite the catch!  Would you say that Capulet is also fond of you ?

Answer : I wouldn’t say I’m quite the catch but I do spend a specific amount of time working on my hair. I’ve known Capulet and their family for quite some time, so I’d say we have a decent relationship. I was lucky enough to have found Juliet and their acceptance of our love means a lot to both of us.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 12.30.39 AM

Q : Do you think Capulets acceptance had an advantage over you winning Juliet’s heart in marriage?

A : Everyone is a little pressured by their parents. Although she relies on her parents opinion a great deal, I know my Juliet would have loved me just as much, had I not had a good bond with her father.

Q : I totally know how that feels. Speaking of your friendship with Capulet, you recently attended his family party as a personal guest. Did anything happen between you and his daughter whilst you were there?

A : I cherish every moment I spend with my Juliet and I know she feels the same. Last night we danced and she looked lovely as always. She did seem a little distracted but don’t we all get like that sometimes.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 12.31.36 AM

Q : Distracted? That’s interesting as I was recently informed that she was seen partying with another man. Were you aware of these rumours?

A : A friend has told me she was seen conversing with a stranger but I hadn’t heard anything beyond that. If it was serious I would’ve known by now.  My Juliet is quite the chatter mouth so you can’t blame her for wanting to converse with peasants every now and then. You can’t always believe what people tell you, rumours are quickly spread around  the small city of Verona and most of them can’t be trusted.

Q : Interesting, so would you say you’re quite protective over Juliet?

A : Yes, you could say I’m quite the protective and apprehensive type. Everyone is protective over their partner, especially when it’s someone who is as young and obtuse as my Juliet. Someone as childish and confused as my Juliet, you tend to watch over more carefully out of protection.

Q : It was also said that, that “stranger” was a Montague. What are your opinions on the Montague family?

A : Like I said you can’t always believe rumours. A few words cannot describe my feelings towards their family, it’s complicated. There has always been tension between the Capulet family and theirs, and I’ve never really gotten the chance to hear their side of the story. Next question.
Q : Anyways.. What Is It like to be one of the richest and most handsome men of Verona?


A : Well being related to Prince Escalus I was born into this wealthy lifestyle. As a young boy I was taught to look down upon anyone who had less than what I was used to. I was never taught anything else, so my lifestyle is all I know. Sometimes life can be overwhelming, especially when you have a lot of people that know you and expect a lot from you.

Q : Lastly, if there was one piece of advice you would give to married couples what would it be?


A : Make sure you’re happy in that relationship, and treasure every second you spend with your significant other. You never know when they might leave you. Also buy your wife as many gifts as you can, but still make sure she knows who’s in control.

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Tourism Highlights

  1. What were the top three countries in terms in international arrivals in 2014
    France, The United States, and Spain continue to top the rankings by both international arrivals and receipts. The Americas recorded the strongest growth with an 8% increase in international arrivals.
  2. What were the top three countries in terms of international receipts in 2014?
    France, The United States, and Spain continue to top the rankings by both international arrivals and receipts. International tourist receipts reached US$ 1245 billion worldwide in 2014.
  3. Explain the difference in patterns depicted by your answers of question 1 and 2.
    The top three countries in both international arrivals and receipts in 2014 are the same 3 countries. Both increasing.
  4. Describe the recent trends of tourism in Africa.
    By UNWTO region in 2015, Africa has increased 3-5%. Every year it seems as though Africa’s international tourists arrivals decrease and its annual average growth over the past 15 years is only by 4.3%.
  5. Describe the changes in international tourist arrivals between 1950 and 2010. (p.14)
    In 1950, globally international tourist arrivals received was less than 200 million  and has now increased to more than 1100 million.
  6. In your opinion, why has tourism increased since the 1950s?
    As time passes technology and transportation has significantly advanced, making it easier for tourists to visit other countries. Also, since traveling has become popular over the years it has also gotten cheaper and much easier.

INS Columbus and The Native American

  • Has your perspective of Columbus changed?
    Yes. Before the reading my perspective on columbus was that he was a random good guy that left a mark on the world with his discover. After the video it’s clear that what we are told as children in not all that accurate and the positive image put on Columbus was false .
  • Of native americans?
    I think for most of us when we hear native Americans we think head dresses and feathers. Historians  have forced a mostly negative viewpoint on native americans. After the video I have a really negative view point on Columbus. The main focus of the video was no so much dedicated to native Americans and I think that could have changed how I thought. Now I feel that the Native Americans were minding their own business until Columbus came along.
  • How can you read history and be aware of biases?
    Most children’s books on American history are very inaccurate. I think the image of Columbus being a hero, a founder and a great person was forced on us by adults, stories and Columbus himself.
  • If you were to write about columbus, what themes would you focus on, knowing that you cannot write everything about everything?
    I would focus mainly on trade between the new and old world as I feel it played a big roll in revolutionising the world. It’s a pretty specific topic and in the video there was a lot to say about it. Also I think that the information on trade is mostly accurate and reliable.
  • What themes did your readings choose?
    How native Americans revolutionised Europe and as well as the diseases and exchange between the new and old world.

The Bystander Effect

  • How does diffusion of responsibility play a role?
    When you are by yourself and you see that someone needs help you will likely help them. However, if there are other witnesses there who don’t act to the situation you are more likely to look to the witnesses for guidance and will not help the person in need of help.
  • What about social influence (pluralistic ignorance)?
    If we see others not doing anything, than we may feel that it isn’t necessary to do something. There is a very powerful influence from others on our decision to help. We may also not help because we are afraid of appearing to overreact, sometimes known as a fear of people’s judgement or social blunders.

    There are many other factors that will effect the discussion people make to help someone and go out of there way. A study showed that around people only 30% helped someone. By themselves almost 100% helped that person. Factors like your mood, how trustworthy the person looks, your experience with helping people, your cost reward etc. I know that if I was having a bad day I am not as likely to give my seat up to someone on the train. I’ve also had times where people refuse my help on the train or the attention is brought on to me. 

Egotistic or Altruistic?

What is the difference between altruism and prosocial behaviour?
Prosocial behaviour refers to any behaviour that is intended to benefit others. Altruism is the performance of prosocial actions without expectations of benefit for oneself. In egoism, the ultimate goal is personal benefit. In alturism, the ultimate goal is increasing another’s welfare, regardless of personal cost or benefit.

Why do people help people?
If a person sees a homeless man in need of money they are more likely to evaluate the situation in terms of possible rewards and costs for helping. Other people will feel more empathetic and will imagine how the person in need is feeling. A persons empathetic response should be greater if you feel that a close family member or friend is in trouble. Some possible reasons for helping someone could be because  they feel recognition that seeing the person in need has triggered personal distress and that the only was to get rid of it is to help that person.

Individually think of a situation in which you helped others, and analyse the reason/motivation…
One time I offered my seat on the train to an old woman and she felt really bad. She began saying that I didn’t have to. So I lied and said I was getting off at the next station anyways, because I didn’t want her to feel like she owed me anything. I then got off the train at the next stop and ran to the next cart on the train. Part of the reason for giving her the seat was because she looked like she needed it and because I was in the priority seat and knew that people would be judging me if I didn’t.

Twin Studies – Nature vs Nurture?

The video talks a lot about how when the twins found each other they ended up having a lot in common other than appearance (favourite movies, employment, etc.). Which suggests that our characteristics, traits, likes, dislikes, etc. are mostly determined on genetics. The studies of this experiment show that both sisters didn’t need to be taught (nurtured) to like  the things they liked because it was in their DNA. They naturally enjoyed being film critics. Personally I think that if the twins were never separated they wouldn’t have ended up having the same job (film critics). I know when my brother does something, I won’t do it because I don’t like feeling like we are exactly the same.

Nature vs Nurture

Is our behaviour based off our genes or our environment?

This is debatable subject. Einstein was born during a time of war and suffering in Germany but his parents were both successful scientists. Which hints towards the idea that our behaviour is more likely based off our genes. From the Monkey gender test video we watched in INS class we concluded that the female monkeys leaned more towards the pink fluffy baby toys because naturally they have mother like instincts programmed in them. I think behaviour can be mostly dependant on our genes but where we grow up and how we’re raised is also heavily effective. We also watched a video in INS class that talked about how most gold medal runner are of black race because they’ve evolved from being slaves. It is said that this is the reason why they’ve evolved to be stronger and faster than the white race.

Japanese Reflection G9 Lang Acq III : Unit 1 – Obon

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