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Things I’ve learnt this year (Grade 9 2016)…

  1. Challenge yourself to do new things but don’t overwhelm yourself by doing so
    – At one point during the first couple days of 9th grade I signed up for a lot of activities and had one every single day of the week. I changed this but I think it’s important that even later in life I know when i should hold back. Of course it’s important to get out of your comfort zone but at some point it can be a little too much. 
  2. Realising you’re struggling with something/having a problem is the first step to fixing it
    -From something as small as not getting enough sleep to something like having panic attacks frequently, making any change and realising you need help is very important. Especially in the future as adults I think I should remember this. 

  3. People change and it’s okay
    -Going into high school you see a lot of your friends grow and adapt new hobbies. It’s overwhelming at first because perhaps you haven’t changed as much but everyone does and you shouldn’t neglect them for that. 

  4. Overreacting and over thinking certain situations doesn’t help
    -Waking up and remembering you have a huge exam is always a scary thought. Nonetheless, it’s never as bad as you think it might be. This can be demonstrated in everyday life in many situations not just when it comes to school.





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