Hiroshima Expeditions Reflection

unnamed-3 unnamed-4Initially, I wanted to go to Hiroshima for field studies because I wanted to gain further knowledge on the atomic bombing and travel the beautiful city. I learnt a lot about my own culture, the atomic bombing and Japanese history.

On our first night in the city we got to talk to a woman that had went through the bombing when she was just 6 years old. Listening to her terrifying stories made me feel incredibly helpless, sad and made me imagine exactly how terrible that time must have been for multiple families. She talked about how the black ash covered her face and at the moment the bomb hit, she couldn’t taste, hear, or see anything.

On our third day there, we got to see the genbaku dome which was an agriculture building before the bombing. It’s one of the only buildings that was able to somewhat stay up when the bombing occurred. It was very interesting seeing it because I had no idea exactly how terrible the situation was until seeing something that went through it with my own eyes . Imagining the burning building and thousands of dead bodies that were in the river scared.

That same day, we got to visit the genbaku dome museum. The last exhibit at the museum was a photo of president Obama who had recently visited Hiroshima. Next to the photo was a crane that he had folded himself and gave to the children of Hiroshima. It made me realise that even after a dark time, peace can wake from the ashes. I’m also half Japanese and half American so learning more about the battling that occurred between my two countries made me feel more interesting in learning more.






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