GCD : Leadership (Design Festa)

I first joined Design Festa in my sophomore year of high school. Now, the annual event has become one of my most anticipated days of the year. Never before had I been apart of such a large event outside of my school community. Initially, I went into the activity thinking that it would be an enjoyable way to further explore my passion for art outside of the classroom and develop my creative learning skills; little did I know it would have such a positive effect on even more areas within academic life, including those outside of the arts.

One of these positive impacts has been my improvement in leadership qualities. I’ve always been a somewhat quiet person and often struggled to take leadership positions in group projects. Art was always my own form of personal expression. I could convey and explore concepts in a way that I wouldn’t be able to successfully communicate verbally. Though when I first joined the activity there were various unfamiliar faces of students that I had never met before, varying from different grade levels, I surprisingly felt very comfortable to be open and suggest ideas. Additionally, next year I will be a senior; meaning I will be one of the captains for Design Festa. It will be my responsibility to help inform incoming freshman and others about the event itself and the preparation beforehand. I am looking forward to taking on this position and see it as a beneficial opportunity for myself to take on leadership positions in and outside of school.

I’ve also noticed that my willingness to take on significant roles and be an active participant in the activity is something that I don’t often find my self-doing in other school curriculums that I once was a part of. As Design Festa is an opportunity to represent our school, our activity supervisor suggested someone design a logo for our shared booth. I was very enthusiastic about volunteering for this task and felt that in doing so, demonstrated personal growth as a risk taker. The logo I designed was quite a success and eventually was printed onto many t-shirts, pins, stickers etc. to be sold at our booth that year. It was amazing to see my own design on display for hundreds of people at Tokyo Big Sight, and I was happy to create the image as a representation of my community. I was proud of myself and am looking forward to taking on even more prominent leadership roles as a senior in the following year.

YIS Design Festa booth

My designed logo t-shirts for sale at Design Festa

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