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Movie on 11-18-12 at 5.41 PM

This is a short video of me playing the song that my grade has bin playing in koto.

I messed up a bit at the end (as you probably could hear), and I know i could have done better on that but I really didn’t want to do another take.


Field studies

During field studies we went canoeing. Luckily i did  not fall in the water once. At the end of canoeing my friend Aisling, got her socks wet and needed a clean pair of socks when we went mountain biking. I let her use one of my socks till her’s dried up. I think I was caring when I let her use my socks. I also let her put her water bottle in my backpack because she didn’t want to carry her’s all the way.

-this is the lake that we went canoeing on.

Another time during field studies I thought I was knowledgeable because at the beginning of mountain biking I was having a hard time with the geer (cause I never really had a bike with geer before). But, as we were getting closer and closer to the end of our mountain biking activity I learned how to use the geer better as we went up hills and down hills. By the end of the activity I learned how to use geer on my own. I found out that bikes with geer are more helpful than regular bikes when you need your bike to be lighter when you go up hills and when you need your bike to be heavier when you go down hill. 

-This is the other group who went on the mountain biking.

On the first day of field studies we had to get into our tent groups and the teachers pair a girl group and a boy group together. I think that everyone in my group was a thinker. When we were figuring out how to do one of the activity’s. Although we had to do some things that I prefer not doing but we had to think a lot and I think we did a good job with that.

– This is where we did some other activities in my group at the camp.

On the last my group and I were supposed to do a skit. In the skit we had to use a secret word and the word was . . . SKY. So I came up with an idea that we could do a skit about “chicken little the sky is falling the sky is falling”. We practiced so hard about words and performance. We even asked Ms Cox to come check ours if it was good or not. The night where we had to perform our skit we saw a lot of others before us. We were surprised at how funny it was. I was disappointed because if we knew that everyone’s skits were gonna be so funny we would have came up with a better skit. I think that everyone really did a good job on their skits and that it was a good think to end our field studies with.


“My Resilience – Getting Ready for Field Studies”

  • How do I respond to challenges in class?
  • What do I do when things are difficult?
  • How do I feel when I succeed?
  • Am I resilient? How do I know?

1) Give it a try, but if you really don’t want to tell the teacher you’re nervous.

2) For Example : You go on a 8 hour walk and you really don’t want to. You don’t just sit there and complain that would just annoys everybody. You try and think about it like this “you don’t live forever and you might only get to do this once”

3) Well, when I succeed at something I feel good about my self, and its something I wanna tell people.

4) Sometimes I don’t feel resilient because I take things the wrong way when someone saids something I don’t like to me, but at times I am resilient and really won’t give up and can’t feel good about my self till I do it . . .


Hey Guys

Hey Guys,

Emma here. I just made my new blog. Now, I have never had my own blog before. But I will have better posts etc. soon. So please come check it out any time you like.

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