In Response to Pope Francis in an Article From The Guardian

Pope Francis states that there are limits to freedom of expression and that Faith should not be made fun of. I disagree, you should be legally allowed to express any opinion you truly believe in.

With this being said, it does not mean that there will not be any consequences. Often, there is a lot of backlash when an individual expresses ideas that offend others. Charlie Hebdo is an excellent example of backlash caused by an offensive comment. This brings me back to my argument. You should be able to say what you believe but should be prepared to defend yourself verbally, and in extreme cases such as the Charlie Hebdo attack, physically.

In the case of Charlie Hebdo, both the illustrator and the company have the right to publish comics that could be perceived as offensive. I feel that Charlie Hebdo was not aware of the consequences of the comics that they were publishing. This is where they could have avoided the attack.

This argument could be countered by saying that attacks could be prevented by legally limiting the extent to what opinions you can spread. This is an invalid argument as people are offended by a large variety of comments. Making offensive comments illegal will also prevent the public from making their opinions heard, which defeats the whole purpose of democracy.

In conclusion, it is impossible to stop people being offended even if laws preventing complete freedom of speech are implemented.

Chapitre 5 Mise en Train


1. Celine is in a bad mood because everything is going wrong.
2. She woke up late, she missed the bus, Hector spilled water on her.
3. He tries to cheer her up.
4. She wants to go to sleep.


D’abord son réveil n’a pas sonné. Ensuite, elle a raté son bus. Et puis, elle est arrivée à l’école en retard. Apres ca, elle n’avait pas ses devoirs. Et puis, elle a eu dix à son interro de maths. Finalement, Hector a renversé son verre sur sa jupe.


1. Désolé.
2. C’est pas grave.
3. Racontre!
4. Tout a été de travers!
5. Ça m’énerve!
6. Ça va aller mieux!


Je me suis réveillé(e) en retard. Ça ne risque pas de m’arriver

J’ai couru pour attraper le bus. Ça ne risque pas de m’arriver

Je suis arrivé(e) à l’école en retard. Ça ne risque pas de m’arriver

J’oublie mes devoirs quelquefois. Ça m’arrive aussi


Ce matain, je me leve tres tard, et je suis en retard pour l’ecole. Apres ca, j’ai oblie mon devoirs de Francais. Finalement je me couche tres tard.

“I’ve wasted hours on these kids”


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Today in Time News, we interview Friar Lawrence. Friar Lawrence has recently been a part of a huge scandal in Verona. The Friar had come up with a whole plan to keep two young lovers (Romeo and Juliet) united. Sadly, his plan went completely wrong and both of the young lovers took their own lives. This was all because of one misfortunate accident.We took the opportunity and asked the Friar about his experience and exactly what he thought went wrong.

What was your plan?

Well, my plan was intentionally to have Juliet fake her death and then run away with Romeo to spend the rest of their lives together. This would have been such a romantic story if it didn’t all fall apart.

Why did your plan fail?

My plan failed because of a tiny mistake in the postage. The messenger that was supposed to deliver the message to Romeo failed, he was stopped at the border of Verona.

Why didn’t you deliver the message yourself?

I am not a very fit man as you can see. I’m getting quite old and I could definitely not walk such a distance.

If you were given the chance, what would you have changed?

I would either have changed my delivery method to something more… certain. Now that I think about it I think that it would have been much easier and also much faster to smuggle the letter to Romeo. Of course, back then I was extremely stressed and could not have thought about it properly.

How did you get any rest with these kids bothering you?

Well, to be honest they weren’t too bad. They only came to me a few times. The rest of the time I could just relax and do some other things such as work in the garden.

How did you deal with all the drama?

To be honest I was quite surprised when I heard from Romeo about the tragedy. After I thought of my plan I was quite confident and I was almost sure that I saved a relationship. I was obviously devastated when I heard the news about the two lovers.

What did you do after this all happened? Were there any consequences for you?

Thankfully the prince understood what I was trying to do and he saw that I was only trying to help. Because of this, I was not punished at all and I could return back to my usual activities. Sadly I will never forget what happened.

Do you feel responsible for what happened?

I don’t think that I caused this all to go wrong, although I do sometimes think about what would have happened if I had a different plan or if the messenger wasn’t stopped. There was almost nothing that could go wrong. It was so close to going right.

Was there anything that went well?

Thankfully there was. After the prince found out what happened and both the Montague and the Capulet family were together, they ended the infamous feud between each other.

Does listening to music help concentration

Today we studied the effect of music on concentration. Before we started the experiment I thought that you would do better listening to music because you could relate ideas to the music that you are listening to, then when you’re done and listen to the music again you could remember the ideas. When we did the experiment we had to memorise 13 different words listening to music or without, then later write them down under the list of words. For the first test we didnt play any music. The next test we played Lucy in the sky with diamonds. The third, welcome to the jungle. And finally Frozen. I was surprised by the results, because they were not very different. When listening to nothing the average score was 10.437, Welcome to the jungle 9.687, Lucy in the sky with diamonds 9.125 and frozen 10. The results proved the opposite to my hypothesis. I think it might be because you could be distracted by the music, or you could be listening to the music instead of concentrating on the words that you need to memorise.

Chapitre 5 & 6 Le petit Nicolas

1. Quelle langue parlait le nouveau?
Le nouveau parle seulement l’anglais.

2. Comment étaient ses dents?
Les dents du George sont vilaines.

3. Qui voulait avoir les mêmes dents?
Alceste veut les mêmes dents parce qu’il peut mordre d’énormes morceaux.

4. Agnan avait-il peur Djodjo?
Oui, Agnan avait peur de Djodjo parce qu’il peut devenir premierset chouchou.

5. Quel sont les sports favoris des Français?
Les sports qui les Français préfèrent sont du cyclisme et le soccer.

6. Quel sont vos favoris?
Mes sports favoris sont le basket-ball et la natation.

7. Djodjo n’avait- il peur des autres élèves?
Non, Djodjo n’avait pas peur des autres élèves. Ca c’est parce qu’il à donne un coup de poing à Eucles.

8. Quel élève trouvait la recréation trop courte?
Alceste trouvait la recréation trop courte parce qu’il n’avait jamais le temps du finir les quatre petits pains beurrés.

9. Pourquoi la maîtresse était-elles étonnée?
La maîtresse était entonnée parce que Djodjo ne sait pas de français, mais après la recréation, il savait beaucoup de mauvais mots et expressions.

10. Pourquoi Djodjo n’est-il plus revenu à l’école?
Djodjo n’est plus revenu a l’école parce que ses parents ont penser qu’il avait appris « tous le français » dont il avait besoin.

6. Les Carnets

1. Qui distribué les carnets aux élèves?
Le directeur a distribué les carnets aux élèves.

2. Quand distribuaient-on les carnets a l’école de Nicolas?
A l’école de Nicolas, la professeure distribuait les carnets après midi.

3. Cette distribuaient à lieu aussi souvent dans les écoles anglaises?
Non, celle distribution n’a pas lieu souvent dans les écoles anglaises.

4. Pourquoi le père de Clotaire allait-il coir la télévision chez les voisins une fois par mois?
Le père de Clotaire allait voir la télévision chez des voisins une fois par mois parce que Clotaire s’est mis a pleurer la dernier de la classe.

5. Quel élève avait toujours de bonnes observations sur son carnet?
Agnan avait toujours de bonnes observations sur son carnet.

6. Pourquoi Alceste mangeait-il plus que d’habitude ce soir la?

7. Pourquoi le père de Nicolas ne pouvait-il pas lui montrer ses tableaux d’honneur?
Il les a perdus dans le déménagement quand il s’est marié.

8. De quoi parlaient les parents de Nicolas?
Ils disaient qu’ils se saignaient aux quatre veines pour lui donner une bonne éducation et qu’il était un ingrat.

9. L’ont-ils beaucoup grondé?
Oui, ils ont beaucoup grondé

10. Quelles observations pensez-vous trouver sur votre carnet a la fin du trimestre?
Je pense que je dois trouver des bonnes observations dans mon carnet. Je pense qu’ils devant être des observations comme « Il est un très bonne étudient. Ugh je suis comme Agnan…

Le petit Nicolas Chapitre 7

1. la visite de M. le Ministre.

2. Il a choisi Eudes

3. Ils devaient chanter la Marseillaise.

4. Alceste.

5. Les couleurs de drapeau français sont bleues, et rouges.

6. le directeur s’est passe la main sur la figure et il a demande à la maîtresse s’il pouvait continuer.

7. Oui.

9. Non

10. Non

Grade 9 Individuals and Societies: Kickstarter

Brenden and I created a business that designs T-shirts but also give you the option to design your own shirt. We decided to make this company because when we first had the idea and looked at our competitors and what they had to offer, we noticed that the prices were extremely high and the process was very complicated. Our goal was to create a business that produces simple, cheap but high quality clothing. When we looked deeper into this concept we found out how to create them. Basically we print the picture sent to us by our customer onto printing paper, then iron it onto a shirt of their choice. We receive the images by email, so we would start our business online. We decided we would keep this business inside YIS as it would be hard to deliver the shirts to places in Yokohama. When we looked into the prices of our competitors we found out that we could sell them for a lot less and still make profit because we don’t need to ship them and we don’t need to pay any workers to make the shirts. Our marketing strategy would be to put posters around the school, send an e-mail to the whole school and also asking friends to spread the word.  To start our business we would need about 10,000 yen to buy supplies such as the shirts and ink. One problem the we may run into is that our shirts are not permanent, the image will wash off after 3-4 washes, where as our competitors shirt are permanent. To fix this problem we found out that if you iron wax paper over the image it will stay for longer but will still not be permanent. Another problem could be that we get too many requests and we could get overwhelmed and not be able to produce the shirts a quickly as we would want to.

First Week of High-School Reflection.

What were the high points and low points of this week?  What made it a high point and a low point? (The what part of the question is most important).

I think that my favourite part of high school is having different people in each one of my classes. I like this because I get to spend time with all of my friends in the grade. I also like this because its easier to make friends when you have class time with all the people in the grade. I think that my low point is going between so many different classes and not being to ask people in your tutor group what class we have next. This week has not been very busy but I am preparing for the worst and I’m expecting it to get a lot more difficult over the next month of so. Overall I think that my experience in high school has been very positive so far : )

How are you planning on organising yourself to complete homework tasks this year?

I have been using Veracross since sixth grade and I want to continue using this system because I find it easy to use and navigate. One problem with Veracross is that sometimes teachers forget or don’t put homework, assignments or reminders up. To avoid that problem I am also trying to get into the habit of writing all assignments and homework on google calendars just as a backup that I can look at to make sure I haven’t missed anything. I think that I can stay focused when doing homework and not be distracted by social media, friends or games. I think the problem is getting started with homework and not delaying it. To help me with that i can ask my friends and family to remind me to finish my homework. This year my main focus is to not miss one homework assignment.