Artistic Expression

Ever since I came to YIS I truly started focusing on the arts. I used photography and then music as a way to channel my emotions and through this understand myself and learn to manage and control negativity. Initially I attempted to enroll in visual arts, since I had been doing this for the majority of my life, but due to an overflow, I ended up in music class. This exposed me to new things and ideas that I’d never truly thought of to help me, and in the process create music that can in turn help others.

Ever since this exposure I began composing. At first it was more of a task I made myself do, mostly to vent and let out my emotions. I then started composing with a purpose and an idea in mind. I went from writing musicalized poems to writing music itself. My expanding knowledge in music over the last 3 years has only helped me improve this process. I now regularly compose, and have recorded at least 5 songs.

Before composing I performed as much as possible at school events and outside of them. I took every possible opportunity, and chose songs that had some personal significance. I interpreted them as my own and sang them in that way, putting my own emotions into the song, changing its meaning. This is also something that has evolved over time, initially choosing songs that represented me already, and now choosing songs that don’t directly represent me, but using expressive elements in a way that change that. I continue to perform these songs and add meaning to them. I try to make every performance have some emotional meaning for me, and hopefully for those listening.


Ever since I moved to Switzerland I started my exploration of photography. I took a composition class in 8th grade and 9th grade and used the techniques learned to give my photos meaning. I started off just using a phone and heavy compositional techniques, making sure the focus was on my subject. After moving to Japan, and starting my Personal Project, I got a camera, and was able to lay off the heavy composition in my photos. I opened new doors for artistic expression through different techniques, and could literally change the focus of my pictures now. After this experience I continued with photography, as a way to channel emotions, but mostly to show positivity, and just aesthetically pleasant colors, images, and compositions. I have continued this and keep expanding my horizons in this art, I have started learning the different tools of photoshop, and have been using these tools recently in some of my work. I have also been able to use my artistic skills for a productive purpose, as is library council. I have made posters promoting reading, and am proud of the work I have achieved, and have also noticed the evolution in my work.

I continue to use these forms of art and expression to channel emotions, and show my reality, as well as positivity through my images, in order to help other people feeling the same way, or simply to please those looking for a distraction, visually or through music.

I hope in future my music can help those that are going through the same things as me, and can help them know that they’re not alone, and that there will always be someone there that understands.

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