Public Communication

After my arrival in Japan, I started expressing myself through music and began composing my own songs. I have made separate social media accounts to promote and show my music, and have built an active audience of at least 60 people, with viewers reaching hundreds on every post.

Through these songs I have written, as well as the songs I have written over the last 3 years, I have made an effort to show people that it’s important to be as true as you can to yourself. Being yourself is more important than being liked by everyone, and is a good thing to practice in life, at least according to my personal beliefs and experiences. Through these creations, I have also attempted to destigmatize mental health issues, and let people know that if they are struggling through something it is okay, and it happens to everyone, and it’s something normal. In order to do so, I have posted a series of personal ideologies and comments on my own life, or on issues as a whole on these accounts I have created. I attempt to be my most genuine self on this account, and cover songs that I like personally and that usually carry a deeper meaning. As I mentioned in a previous post on artistic intention, I interpret the songs and make them mine in some way, giving them a deeper meaning and therefore giving me the ability to invest myself emotionally, and therefore also musically, into these songs.

Although I do my best to get these messages across, there is an occasional struggle every now and then. Sometimes the reception to my new music isn’t as great, or I’m a bit less genuine to fit this mold I have put myself in as an artist. I think this interferes with my message, and is something I need to work on. I am also aware that not everyone will get the message, and that’s okay, as long as those who need it do. Public communication doesn’t have to be about the whole world hearing your message, it just has to be the right people. Not all people appreciate and see the message I am trying to deliver, and that will always be inevitable whenever you have an opinion on a certain subject. I just hope that some people get my message, especially those searching for themselves. My public communication is my journey to achieve the same, but it is on a public platform. People may identify with it, or find something of use from my personal journey and experiences.

So far this musical journey has been something I have done on my own, but I hope to increase my audience and get more recognition to be able to spread this message and this idea to more people. I share my material as actively as I can to reach the most people possible, and a lot of it leads to positive feedback. I hope this continues and helps me improve my transmission of the message, and the way in which I deliver it. I think some of the ways in which this work continues need to be changed and be more effective, but overall it has gotten a good reaction and some people have gotten this message, I would like it to be more widely understood though, and I think the best way of doing this is increasing my audience.

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