A common motif so to speak, a recurring theme, in these posts, has been my own journey to finding myself, and the way in which I invest myself emotionally to something. Through those same things I do to find myself, I find inner peace and help myself remain balanced. There have been times in my life where I have struggled emotionally, whether it be for personal problems or the stress of moving here and there every other year. The start of this journey that I keep mentioning, was actually me finding those things that would help me maintain my stability and happiness. In the last 3 years, I have discovered the importance that art has in my well-being. I started creating music, improved on my photography, and developed other artistic skills and practices. This keeps the emotional side of me happy, most particularly that side that lurks in the shadows until 3 am comes and then it comes in hard, hitting you with all it’s got. It keeps the dark side, the side that is blue and sad happy, and at peace. If I ever feel overwhelmed by some sort of situation or problem, I’ll either let it out on music and write a couple of throwaway songs, or sometimes I’ll sing my heart out and eventually feel better about the situation. I try to make something positive, or maybe even productive out of the bad times.

Throughout most of my life I have practiced sports, and found contact sports about 5 years ago when I started playing American football, and then continued on to rugby. I think contact sports have become some sort of passion, and it’s become a way of relieving stress. My personal favorite is and always has been American football, but I have been playing rugby for the last 4 years because I did not have the possibility of playing American football. I use this to relieve stress and have a good time with my friends. When I lived in Switzerland I also began doing biking. I found it to be a great way to interact with nature and discover new settings. I became more aware of my surroundings and developed a healthy mindset. I have continued this activity after moving to Japan, but the urban surroundings really limit what there is to discover, and have limited the distances I can cover due to the geography of the area I live in. Living on a hill kind of makes it hard to get too far considering I’d have to go back up and my legs would feel like they were about to fall off. I continue doing biking, but I use it more as a form of transportation than it is something I use for leisure activity. To replace this, I have taken up walking through new areas and discovering the little hidden places of it. I use it as a relaxation activity when I need time to think or get away from my routine. The one I choose really depends on my mood, but I tend to go biking to get out of the routine. When I go on walks I tend to take my camera and take photos, giving some more thought to what I’m seeing.

Socially, I just go out with friends. I spend time with the people that give me a good time and that I feel comfortable with. I have an established friend group that I have built over the last 3 years, and I generally always go out with them. They’re the people I rely on and go to when something arises, and they’re the people that I’ve known for 3 years. There have been additions and changes but this group has generally stayed the same and they have all helped me through multiple things. I’m overall really glad I was able to find and make this group of friends here.

As a whole, I believe the key to being well is a balance between these forms of well-being. Knowing when to use these different techniques and approaches to dealing with life is a skill to have that will help through various situations. Another big thing that I personally find important is that you don’t always have to be happy, because stuff happens, and sometimes you have to be sad for a bit in order to get over it and move on towards a better future.

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