Work Experience

During the Summer of 2017 I had my first professional work experience working as a counselor in an English summer camp for YC&AC. This job required me to take care of children, organize activities, and make sure it ran smoothly, without social or physical incidents. During my time in this camp, I had the opportunity to learn teaching techniques as well as multiple types of activities to use when trying to teach or distract children. I was also presented with the opportunity to provide feedback to those organizing the camp as well as have some input in some ways in which we could improve the camp. Through this experience, I was also able to have my first professional encounter with people older than me, including people with the same role as me who were older in age and had been working at this camp for some time. I had the opportunity to socialize with them as well as learn a couple of things that would make the job easier and more productive.

Towards the end of each day, we would play English games with the children, including things such as translating words from Japanese to English, memory card games, and a game including directions.

This short work experience allowed me to realize the importance of keeping connections since my being hired in the past offered me some new opportunities. I also developed better communication skills with peers, as well as younger people. I improved my punctuality for future work experiences as well as judging the way in which to communicate with my superiors.

From this, I also learned multiple skills that I have used in other work experiences where I have taught children, like the brief period where I gave guitar lessons. I learned ways to keep a child’s attention and help them learn while keeping them entertained.

This work experience also helped me to create my first CV, a useful skill to have in the near future, as I will be taking a gap year with the aim of finding work opportunities related to my future plans.

The main thing I believe I can take away from this experience is that work is not always pleasurable. There were times where I was bored, or frustrated and even tired of the activities, but there were also parts of the job that I really enjoyed. I got a chance to use my skills in photography, and I also developed some Japanese in order to play some of the games. I hope that this work experience will provide me with some useful knowledge and information that I may use in the future.

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