As one of the first members of the Squires rugby team, I took on a leadership role initially. This involved recruiting new players and notifying those interested in playing the sport, as well as forming relationships with those in other teams in order to continue having friendly matches and opportunities to play on a full field.

We have always been a small team and we’re not part of a school, making our possibilities of playing games on full pitches with multiple different teams is difficult. As one of the first members what I had to do was try and recruit new members to try and be a 15s rugby team. At the start we were less than 7, soon enough we gathered enough people who regularly came to practice to be a 7s team. Our numbers tend to fluctuate due to people leaving the country, academics or school trips, but overall we have managed to build a team of people that know each other. Oftentimes during games, we would struggle to maintain our structure though, and this is when I would often come in. I’d make sure people stayed straight while in defense and moved up as a unit to put pressure on the other team, as well as ensure that our roles in the offense were done correctly. Even though I haven’t played the game for too long and don’t know the exact positioning, I know enough to understand what needs to be done and get others to do it. I think communications wise I contribute quite a lot to the team by speaking to each individual about what I think they should work on, but also by telling them what I think they’re doing well. I’m not one to give the team a pep talk, but I will certainly encourage my team members to improve and notice what they’re doing well. I do also explain what we have done in practice to fellow team members who may not have understood or were not there during the explanation. I think this is a leadership role considering that I am taking initiative and talking to my team members to ensure we play our best and improve on our skills individually and as a team.

As much as I have contributed to this improvement and this stability, I believe I should work on my ability to communicate with the team as a whole outside of a game situation, during halftimes and other things. I may not have close personal relationships with all team members, but I maintain a friendly and constructive atmosphere in a rugby situation, as well as off the field, keeping us united as a team and a unit.

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