As one of the first members of the Squires rugby team, I took on a leadership role initially. This involved recruiting new players and notifying those interested in playing the sport, as well as forming relationships with those in other teams in order to continue having friendly matches and opportunities to play on a full… Continue Reading Leadership


A common motif so to speak, a recurring theme, in these posts, has been my own journey to finding myself, and the way in which I invest myself emotionally to something. Through those same things I do to find myself, I find inner peace and help myself remain balanced. There have been times in my… Continue Reading Wellness

Work Experience

During the Summer of 2017 I had my first professional work experience working as a counselor in an English summer camp for YC&AC. This job required me to take care of children, organize activities, and make sure it ran smoothly, without social or physical incidents. During my time in this camp, I had the opportunity… Continue Reading Work Experience


As a part of being an international student, multilingualism has been an aspect forever present in my life. My first encounter with another language aside from my mother tongue (Spanish) was in kindergarten, which is when I first started learning English. My skills in the English language were quite behind, until I moved to Thailand,… Continue Reading Multilingualism